Why All Big Brother Fans Should Be Watching Sequester Season 4 On YouTube

Big Brother All-Stars was something Big Brother fans wanted for a long time, but by its end, it was clear that the finished product wasn't what all the fans expected. Modern Big Brother gameplay has arguably become too safe, formulaic, and sometimes boring as of late, and this latest season displayed all that in spades with Cody Calafiore's cakewalk victory. I was still struggling to cope with it as a fan until I took a dive into Sequester Season 4 and was reminded of what true competitive gameplay looks like.

Sequester, an independent reality show created by Big Brother 17 contestant Audrey Middleton, is a game that reality show fans may have likely heard of before. The series started as an online-only game played over Skype, and quickly gained a niche following after it managed to pull former players from Big Brother, Survivor, and The Challenge to participate. Things have since evolved, and now we're at Season 4 with contestants living in a house and bringing their A-game all to make a little money and have some fun.

Take a look at the trailer, and continue on for why this may be what Big Brother fans needed now more than ever.

The rules of Sequester are similar to Big Brother, mainly in the sense that contestants live together in the same house and must rely on social bonds and skill in competitions to survive. Unlike Big Brother, this game only lasts a week, with a number of contestants eliminated in varying twists and challenges dictated by the host, Sequester Bot. Contestants compete in challenges similar to what one would find in a standard reality show, and ultimately survive or lose based on their performance in the game.

With such a short time period and low stakes, the level of participation could be pretty low. That was my assumption, but after watching the hour-and-a-half premiere on the game's official YouTube channel, I would've thought they were competing for at least six figures in cash. The drama was thick, the gameplay was cutthroat from the beginning, and everyone seemed equally motivated to win.

Which could be the side effect of Sequester being a niche game watched and seemingly played by the biggest of reality television fans. These players are living out their reality television dreams more so than competing for life-altering money, which I think encourages a bolder form of gameplay. It's tempting to go along with the crowd and cast safe votes when $500k is on the line, but for $2500 and a week's stay in a swanky manor, why not be that chaotic scheming player?

That certainly seems to be the thought process of the Sequester Season 4 cast, which includes notables like Survivor alum Shirin Oskooi and Rob Has A Podcast podcaster Brent Wolgamott. The eclectic and diverse cast, including Oskooi and Wolgamott, seems built on playing a solid game, forging alliances, and getting in people's faces if it comes to that. It's a blast any Big Brother fan may appreciate, especially when Season 23 of the show is still months out.

Those looking to tune into Sequester Season 4 can subscribe to the official YouTube channel and be on the lookout for new episodes Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more reality show news in the meantime, and for the latest happenings in television and movie news.

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