Why Big Brother All-Stars' TV Episodes Have Gotten Boring For Me

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars episode that aired Wednesday, September 2. Read at your own risk!

Another episode of Big Brother All-Stars has come and gone and, while I was pretty adamant about giving this season a chance much longer than some other fans, even I'm beginning to get fed up. This episode was only informative for the crowd who don't watch or follow updates from the live feeds, and even then, the merits of it being entertaining to me are questionable.

This thought first crept into my mind during Sunday's episode, which spent a solid chunk of the episode giving a play-by-play of the Head of Household competition. To be clear for those who may have forgotten, we watched houseguests attempt to get balls in holes on a ramp for over a third of the episode. Keep in mind that Big Brother All-Stars started this competition in the previous live episode, so part of it was stuff we'd already seen.

This latest episode was the same story, in which a bulk of the content shown was for the veto competition. We also saw more footage of David Alexander trying to bounce back from "blowing up games" in the house which, truth be told, wasn't much of an issue a couple of days after it happened. The fact that Big Brother All-Stars revisited that controversy shows that the lack of drama is hurting the overall story, and making producers stretch what little they get longer than it really can go.

And while as a live feed viewer I can be a bit snarky about Big Brother All-Stars overblowing small conversations to create tension in the broadcast episodes, this week was a little over the top. Enzo Palumbo explicitly said he wouldn't backdoor Ian Terry if Kevin Campbell was taken off the block long before the veto competition started, and to present it in that way distorts the game he's playing. Perhaps it was a way to heighten the drama for those out of the know, but for me, it was just frustrating.

The only things live feed viewers really miss out on are competitions and Diary Room sessions, but the latter has been really underwhelming as of late if you ask me. For better or worse, everyone's intentions in the Big Brother All-Stars house are pretty transparent from an audience perspective, so there's nothing coming out in those interviews that are blindsiding me or major pundits watching the show. I do appreciate Da'Vonne Rogers giving so many memorable quotes though, so keep those coming for sure.

I will cut Big Brother All-Stars some slack this week as the show has entered lockdown a few times now due to wall yellers and people trying to affect the flow of the game, and giving that television time won't help the issue. It's unnecessary, but at the same time, why has this season been so light on twists given the slow and predictable gameplay? People going into the house ready to make big moves is one thing, but now that it's not the case, by all means pull the trigger! We need something to shake up this game!

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