Why Tyler Hoechlin Is So Pumped About His Updated Superman Suit For New Arrowverse Show

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Tyler Hoechlin made his small screen debut as the Man of Steel back in the second season of Supergirl in 2016, and he's now just a few short months away from the premiere of his own Superman TV show on The CW. With the arrival of Superman & Lois as the latest installment in the Arrowverse (which got smaller in 2020) will come the arrival of a new suit fit for a superhero leading man, and Hoechlin is pumped about it.

Along with the release of the first good look at the Superman & Lois suit (seen below), Tyler Hoechlin sharred his thoughts on what he'll be wearing as The CW's Man of Steel:

I find that the new suit is representative of the show. Just as this suit is unique and set apart from the ones that preceded it, the story we’re telling about Clark/Superman at this point in his life is unique and something we’ve never seen before. I appreciate the opportunity to wear the suit and the responsibility that comes with it. But it’s always interesting when I’m asked how I feel about 'my new suit,' because I’ve always felt that the suit doesn’t belong to me; it belongs to everyone that finds some kind of meaning in that suit, in the symbol on the chest. I just happen to be the one wearing it.

Superman & Lois won't be Lois & Clark 2.0 or Smallville: The Golden Years or any other take on Superman that has hit the airwaves before. According to Tyler Hoechlin, a unique point in the character's life deserves a unique suit. And seriously, how Superman of a response was it to say that the suit belongs to everyone who finds meaning in the symbol? A+ casting, Arrowverse!

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According to Superman suit designer Laura Jean Shannon, the goal was to use athletic inspired boots and use a new neckline and cape for Tyler Hoechlin's version of the character "to maximize the billowing and movement we all love to see in the books and films that have defined this character for generations." As for Tyler Hoechlin, he continued sharing his perspective on the suit, including what it means to him with his personal history. Hoechlin said:

I come from the world of baseball and a line of coaches that always preached that the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back. Because when you wear that jersey, it represents not only you, but your entire team, and everyone that has ever worn that jersey that came before you. So when I wear the suit, that’s what it means to me. It represents everything that Superman stands for and has stood for, for almost a century now. And I look forward to carrying on that tradition.

Tyler Hoechlin played baseball throughout high school and college, but ended up pursuing acting as his career, and it really seems like he was perfectly cast as Clark Kent/Superman. His version already proved that he can work with a team during the mega "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover that closed a chapter of the Arrowverse and began a whole new one. With Supergirl ending in the same TV season that Superman & Lois is premiering, Clark may wind up as the last Kryptonian standing in the Arrrowverse.

A lot depends on how Supergirl wraps for Kara. For now, Superman fans and Arrowverse viewers can look forward to the premiere of Superman & Lois starring Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane. The first episode debuts on Tuesday, February 23 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW, immediately following the Season 7 premiere of The Flash. For more viewing options in the new year, be sure to check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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