The Masked Singer's Ken Jeong Sang In The Holiday Sing-Along, And Fans Were Impressed

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer's Holiday Sing-Along special. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer brought back its sing-along special for the 2020 holiday season, and surprisingly, the online community seemed to respond better to it than last year. This may be because the holiday spirit has everyone ready to see contestants sing Christmas songs, or because panelist Ken Jeong took the stage to sing a song.

In a rare appearance on The Masked Singer stage, Ken Jeong got dressed up like a toy soldier and performed a rousing rendition of "The Little Drummer Boy." It was certainly something to be seen, so check out the video of the performance below that fans are saying, was actually pretty good.

Was Ken Jeong's performance the best the show had ever seen? Hardly, but fans were certainly impressed with how the panelist performed, especially given that he's not one of the people on the panel famous for singing.

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Ken Jeong is an actor, former doctor, and he's not bad at singing. I think that's enough to qualify him as a triple threat, even if the performance itself was a little shaky. Ken's flubs were not lost on The Masked Singer fans, some of whom felt the need to call attention to it in their congratulations.

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While that note is valid, I should point out that Ken Jeong's primary role in The Masked Singer is comic relief. Part of the performance was certainly meant to be silly, as evidenced by his holding of the high note super long at the end. Beneath that comedy was some real skill, because let's be honest, he killed that high note.

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It's at this point that I should note that Ken Jeong may not be a singer for a living, but he did have a solid musical number in the Netflix animated film Over The Moon that was far better than this performance. That note is mainly for those who weren't a fan of the performance but appreciated the comedic chops and energy Ken brings to The Masked Singer all the same.

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The Masked Singer's Holiday Sing-Along still wasn't quite the event that was worth having instead of the finale a week early in my opinion, but I can say that I enjoyed it more than the last holiday special. If next year's special (if it happens) brings in another performance from Ken Jeong, I'd certainly be along for the ride all over again. Maybe next year he can duet with Robin Thicke or Nicole Scherzinger and really make some magic happen!

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