The Masked Singer’s Giraffe Has Some Blunt Thoughts About Robin Thicke’s 'Ridiculous' Guesses

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Warning: Spoilers for the October 7 episode of The Masked Singer are discussed below.

The Giraffe was the latest masked contender to get eliminated from Fox’s hit show as its faux studio audience watched. Fast forward past Wednesday’s eventful episode of The Masked Singer, and The Giraffe is reacting to Robin Thicke’s guesses, which The Giraffe is not holding back from labeling “ridiculous.” Who was The Giraffe, and why should the panelist have known better? Well, The Giraffe and Thicke have a lot of personal history.

It may not have been one of the most shocking reveals The Masked Singer has ever witnessed. However, Robin Thicke’s guesses about The Giraffe’s identity came as quite a surprise to the person in the suit. The person inside the elaborate costume was revealed to be none other than Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame. A reveal that meant judge Thicke’s guesswork missed the mark quite a bit.

Brian Austin Green took a break from serenading the masses amid his exodus to weigh in on Robin Thicke’s off-base guesses. He was inside one of The Masked Singer’s first costumes of its kind, and it did the trick of hiding his identity incredibly well for Thicke. A surprising development, considering that the two share a considerable personal history. Asked if he would be giving him a hard time, Green told EW:

That's the first thing I do. And no disrespect to him, because he's a super-nice guy, but he sucks at this. He's terrible. I told the producers early on, if there's anybody on this panel that's going to guess me, it's him because we know each other so well. He knows the way that I speak, and the timbre of my voice. For three years, we were best friends — we were at each other's house every day. When Robin and I had a group when we were kids, we were both on Growing Pains performing as our group.

If you thought their days together on the beloved ‘80s sitcom, Growing Pains, would be enough to help Robin Thicke clue-in to Brian Austin Green singing in a Giraffe suit, think again. There was a moment that Green thought his old friend had figured out who he was, though. Thus, leading to a few nervous spells for the father of four turned Masked Singer contestant.

Thankfully for Brian Austin Green/Giraffe, Robin Thicke’s days of singing on his dad’s TV show with him did not cause him to figure it out. That is not to say there was not a moment during The Masked Singer, wherein Green thought Thicke might have gotten wise to The Giraffe’s true identity. Green explained the moment that made him nervous, saying:

He knows me really well. And so the first time I performed, he even said, 'You ever have that thing when you recognize a voice, but you can't put a face to it?' He said that, and my first thought in the costume was, 'Oh fuck, he's got it. He's going to know who I am.' And then he just went way off course. Like, all of a sudden he thinks it's Travis Barker because of how he walks, and it's like how I walk? Come on, man, you were on the right path. What do you mean how I walk? I'm in a costume, I could walk any fucking way I choose to, you have no idea! I'm not limited by anything. Walking. That's ridiculous. [Laughs] So yeah, I thought for sure Robin would figure it out, and he couldn't have been more wrong, but I still love him.

What makes Robin Thicke’s wrong guesses so interesting is how incredibly close he got to guessing The Bear’s identity in Season 3. One would have thought that guess might be much more challenging to surmise than a person with whom he has a near and dearhistory. Thicke had the additional clues surrounding his and Brian Austin Green’s friendship, too to help him out here, and yet...

In fairness, I can see where Robin Thicke might have gotten so clouded by his subconscious familiarity with The Giraffe that it blocked him even more from correctly guessing. Whatever the case, new episodes of The Masked Singer air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. The show is one of this fall’s many premieres, so keep staying tuned to see what television has to offer before the end of the year.

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