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Up Is Getting A Spinoff Series At Disney+

Dug Up Pixar

Pixar has long been a place of quality content on the big screen, and now the studio is diving into a genre it has only flirted with in the past: television. Now, it's headed to streaming in a big way with its first three tv shows, and one of them is based on one of Pixar's sweetest and saddest adventures. Up is getting a spinoff starring the canine character who loves squirrels, Dug.

Titled Dug Days, this series will follow Dug on some of his daily adventures living in the suburbs. In this CGI series, we'll see Dug going toe to toe with puppies, fireworks, and yes, his greatest nemeses: squirrels. It's certainly a surprising character to base a spinoff around, though some of the greatest spinoffs have come from focusing on the least likely characters to get one.

Dug Days sounds like a happy and fun series, which is good because I'm not sure I would want to tune into a cartoon that made me cry like the opening of Up did. A brief clip has been revealed, and it appears that at least Carl will make an appearance. The voice cast for the series was not revealed, so it's unknown whether or not Ed Asner or Bob Peterson will reprise their roles. It's worth noting that the voices sounded like both respective actors.

For those unfamiliar with the movie Up but interested in Dug Days, Dug did not start out as Carl's dog. His original master, Charles Muntz, is a famous adventurer and inventor that created a talking collar for his companion. Dug gains a quick attachment to Carl, which only intensifies when the true evil nature of his master Charles is revealed in the movie. Muntz presumably dies after falling from a great height at the end of the movie, and Dug returns home with Carl.

Dug Days is one of three upcoming Pixar series, all of which will air on Disney+. It will be joined by a currently untitled Cars show and Win Or Lose. The Up move marks a big jump by Pixar into the world of television, as yet another of the Disney properties going all-in on streaming. Disney certainly seems to be putting a lot into its service, perhaps sensing the importance of having strong content on streaming in the near future more than ever before. With Pixar producing television for the streamer, it's certainly going to be hard for other major streamers to compete with similar quality animation.

Dug Days is set to premiere on Disney+ (opens in new tab) in the fall of 2021. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the series as it comes, and for the latest happening in television and movie news.

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