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Of all the home makeover shows found on HGTV’s expansive lineup, there are a few that have the heart, soul, and charm of Erin Napier and Ben Napier’s Home Town. Over the course of the past few years, the southern college sweethearts have gone from up-and-comers in the home remodeling entertainment world to titans of the industry, all without losing touch with the people and ties to their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. And while the show has a dedicated army of fans, newcomers (especially after the launch of Discovery+) may be wondering where they can catch up with the Napiers and watch Home Town streaming.

There are actually quite a few ways (and streaming services) to watch Home Town, no matter if you want to start from the couple’s humble beginnings or stream the latest episodes now that Season 5 has launched. Below is everything you need to know in order to enjoy the HGTV sensation even if you miss new episodes on their original air date.

Where Is Home Town Streaming

Luckily, there are multiple places where you can watch Home Town streaming these days. If you want to watch the entire series and see the growth of Erin and Ben Napier’s collection of restored homes and their own family, then the new Discovery+ streaming service is the way to go. Not only does the new streaming app give you access to every episode from the show’s first four seasons, it is also the streaming home of the Home Town Season 5, which kicked off with the launch of the streamer in early January 2021. If you have yet to subscribe to Discovery+, you can currently take advantage of a 7-day free trial that gives you access to everything HGTV and other networks in the Discovery umbrella have to offer.

If you don’t want to commit to another streaming service and just want to see what Home Town is all about, you can currently stream the first season of the HGTV home remodel series on services like Hulu and Tubi. Subscribers to cable, satellite, and internet-based television packages can also stream old and new episodes of Home Town through services like DirecTV, Fubio, and YouTube TV. And speaking of new episodes…

When Does Home Town Air New Episodes On HGTV

If you are all caught up on previous episodes of Home Town, you can watch new episodes when they air at 8 p.m. ET every Sunday night (Season 5 kicked off on Sunday, January 3, 2021). The latest season showing the work and life of Erin and Ben Napier will consist of 16 episodes, meaning there will be plenty of new renovations and adventures for fans of the show to enjoy for weeks to come.

These new episodes can be watched on cable and satellite services (either live or on demand) as well as on the Discovery+ app, which features new episodes the same day they premiere on television.

Will Home Town Be On Netflix?

With the launch of Discovery+ and streaming services like Hulu only featuring Home Town Season 1 it is very unlikely we will see the HGTV series on Netflix anytime soon. That being said, this would be a perfect opportunity for you to try out the new Discovery+ app if you really want to watch Home Again and other shows from the Discovery umbrella of channels.

Hopefully this is more than enough to help you find a way to enjoy Home Town. If you want to know what else is coming to your television (and favorite streaming services) this year, check out CinemaBlend's 2021 Winter/Spring TV Release guide for all the latest.

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