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One Mandalorian Star Has A Bit Of An Embarrassing Admission About The Disney+ Show

The Mandalorian has become one of the most popular shows on streaming. In an era where binge-watching has become the norm, fans still watch The Mandalorian in a weekly format in order to follow the story, but that has made the show appointment television in a way that many shows are not these days. Odds are anybody even remotely interested in the adventures of The Mandalorian and his little green friend have made a point to watch every episode. Yet, it turns out that actor Bill Burr has never actually seen the show.

Bill Burr isn't just a celebrity, he's actually in the show, and yet he recently admitted that he's never actually seen it. In a recent episode of his podcast, Bill Burr confessed he's slightly embarrassed that he hasn't seen any of Season 2 and never actually finished Season 1. He certainly plans to watch it, but he just hasn't found the time. According to Burr...

Uh, I haven’t really watched it. I was hoping you weren’t gonna ask me that. It’s my list of shit to watch. I was gonna try, I was gonna try! I know, I’m embarrassed now. I’m gonna watch it. I watched most of the first season – I just, you know, it came out during the holidays.

I'm sure we can cut Bill Burr a bit of slack. The holidays are rough and while a lot of us probably didn't do quite as much running around as we usually do, there's a reason a lot of series just go on hiatus that time of year, people generally don't watch. Instead, The Mandalorian goes and handles its entire run during a time of year other shows call it time for a break.

At some point, I'm sure Bill Burr will get around to getting caught up. Honestly, since he was in the second to last episode of Season 2, it's not like he doesn't know how things go over the course of the show. There's probably no feeling of urgency going on when you already know what happens. The biggest issue is that by now the finale has to have been spoiled. If you've somehow made it this far without learning what happens in the second season of the show you are clearly a Jedi master of avoiding spoilers.

Maybe Bill Burr will work to get caught up if he returns to the series in the future or ends up in one of the other shows set to take place at the same time. The return of his character in Season 2 was something of a surprise, but the way things worked out, it's certainly possible we could see him yet again in Season 3 or beyond. At least he'll know what happens in that episode, even if he has no idea what led up to it.

Dirk Libbey

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