Stephen King Shares Thoughts On The Stand Miniseries On CBS All Access

Stephen King's The Stand

Stephen King has over 80 TV and film credits attached to his name. CBS All Access' The Stand is just one of the more recent adaptations of a King novel with plenty of room for more to follow. King has some strong opinions on some of the adaptations, with Stanley Kubrick's The Shining being one iconic film that he absolutely hated. Fortunately for those involved in the new version of King’s epic The Stand, he seems to be thrilled with how it’s come along so far. With only 5 episodes of the limited series released at the time of this writing, King has some great words for the cast and everyone involved in the creation of the show.

Following the release of the fifth episode of the limited series, Stephen King took to his Twitter to express his approval of how the series is going. In his tweet, King gives a shoutout to the actors who have worked on it and have connections to past adaptations of his novels, among other actors who play key roles in The Stand. In King’s own words:

I'm loving this iteration of THE STAND. Special kudos to my DOME alumna, Natalie Martinez, and Owen Teague, who was good in IT and really kills it as Harold Lauder. James Marsden...Odessa Young...Alexander, brother of Bill...all so damn good.

While this is probably a huge morale boost, King doesn't stop there in his praises. He actually posts a string of tweets that give kudos to other actors and aspects the show. Whoopi Goldberh got her own tweet, as she plays an outstanding Mother Abigail. Amber Heard, Jovan Adepo, and Henry Zaga also received praise along with, “EVERYONE,” for their roles as major characters. King is even thrilled with the music choice for the series, tweeting that “Don’t Fear The Reaper” being the pick for the recent credits was, like everything else, “so good."

That’s gotta mean a lot, as praises from King don’t come easy, especially when it comes to The Stand. CBS All Access' show is far from the first adaptation of Stephen King’s corresponding novel, and it is one that King has a history of holding close to his chest, not trusting many to do it justice. The Stand is King’s epic, his Iliad or Odyssey, and it has to be an incredibly high honor for the cast and crew to see him sing praises for a rendition of his largest work.

The most recent adaptation of The Stand is currently able to be streamed on CBS All Access, with the sixth episode set to release on this Thursday, January 21st. The series is set to run for nine episodes in total.

While you’re waiting check out our list of other Stephen King adaptations available on streaming. CinemaBlend will continue to keep you updated on The Stand and future Stephen King adaptations.

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