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Jimmy Fallon And More Share Touching Tributes To NBA Legend Kobe Bryant On Anniversary Of His Death

Kobe Bryant

2020 was a year filled with tension, hardships and heartbreaks, and one of the most shocking tragedies was the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. His helicopter accident not only shocked those in the sports and entertainment industries, but people all around the world. On the anniversary of Bryant's death on January 26, Jimmy Fallon and many others decided to share touching tributes to the athlete and Oscar winner.

It has been a year since Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and nine others lost their lives in that helicopter crash. Since his death, many touching tributes have poured in across the Internet and beyond, especially from his widow Vanessa, despite the existence of media hiccups here and there. The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon took to Twitter to post a moving tribute to Bryant. Check out the tweet below:

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As evident by the clip Jimmy Fallon shared, he and Kobe Bryant shared a genuine friendship. The story they shared recalled a time before the pair became the pop culture figures they are now. Like many on this date, Fallon is grieving Bryant’s loss, and the former NBA star clearly continues to be a topic of conversation, with many other fans taking to social media to pay tribute to the late basketball player’s legacy and memory.

Kobe Bryant was revered as one of the NBA’s greatest players. But for some, his legacy was more about his philanthropic and social justice acts and being a decent man.

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Along with Kobe Bryant, people often eulogize his daughter Gianna as well as the other victims. For many, she was viewed as the successor to Bryant’s basketball legacy.

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Kobe Bryant was known for being personable and friendly in the latter part of his career. Some took the time to share those moments.

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Looking back on Kobe Bryant’s death made it seem as if no time had passed. Some only met the NBA legend once, but he left a lasting impact on them.

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This day points out how important Kobe Bryant was to the sport of basketball. For many, he served as an inspiration in the sport as well as the definition of what players should strive to be.

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Along with mentoring young male and female basketball players, Kobe Bryant had a deep connection with other NBA icons. Over the course of his career, he was guided and mentored by players such as Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

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Some people can even recall the moment they heard about Kobe Bryant's passing. His death caused many media outlets and organizations to shift their day. Some even paid tribute to the late NBA legend.

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It was nice to see Kobe Bryant's life and legacy is celebrated on such a sad day. Seeing the various reactions from fans - both famous and not-so-famous - are reminders of how impactful Bryant’s life was on the world. The anniversary of his death shows the void he left behind and how raw people’s feelings still are a year later.

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