Amazon’s The Expanse: Wes Chatham's Amos Gets Emotional About Leaving Earth In New Episode Clip

Wes Chatham in Amazon's The Expanse

The Expanse is entering the final two episodes of its penultimate season on Amazon. Season 5 has taken the crew of the Rocinante away from the alien escapades of Season 4 and brought some of the crew back to their home planets. In an exclusive clip for the upcoming Episode 9, which can be seen above, Wes Chatham's fan-favorite mechanic Amos Burton shares sage advice from his past with newcomer Hutch (Amanda Cordner) ahead of their escape attempt from the decimated earth.

The wise-cracking muscle of the Roci, Amos Burton returned to his hometown of Baltimore earlier in Season 5. During his pilgrimage, he was confronted the demons of his past and met up with Clarissa Mao, whom he'd rescued from a super-max prison after the asteroid attack by Marco Inaros. In the exclusive clip, Amos has a rare moment of emotional transparency as he opens up about the prospect of leaving Earth for a second and final time.

The show's motley crew, including Erich (Jacob Mundell), have commandeered an abandoned spacecraft and must repair it before leaving the crumbling planet for good. Hutch, who runs with Erich’s crew, takes a rare moment of respite to share some of the fears (and some booze) that come with leaving everything and everyone behind.

Amos, known for his deadpan demeanor and matter-of-fact attitude, comforts Hutch in the only way he knows how: with the truth. He mentions that initially he wasn’t excited to leave everything behind either, but after finding “his place,” it wasn’t so bad. Amos and Hutch share a similar story, both fleeing Baltimore after tragedy. I wouldn’t mind traversing the universe with the crew of the Rocinante either, for what that's worth.

As previously stated, the clip is from the latest episode of The Expanse, titled "Winnipesauke," which finds Earth as we know it in shambles. The belter terrorist Marco Inaros successfully executed his plan with the help of stolen Martian stealth technology, obliterating the surface of the planet. Millions are expected to have perished in the attack, and those that remain are desperately fleeing before the collapse of society. Earthers are now bound for the stars, just like the belters who brought on the devastation.

Season 5 of The Expanse has taken a more intimate and personal look into the many characters of the show, and the old friends and new enemies have made for one of the sci-fi show’s best seasons to date. Although The Expanse will be ending after Season 6, those involved are confident that between the upcoming time jump and the natural break found in the novels, fans will be satisfied with how things wrap up.

Fans of The Expanse can now watch "Winnipesauke," the 9th episode of Season 5, on Amazon Prime. The season will conclude with a tenth episode next Wednesday, February 3rd. Those looking to fill the void left by the The Expanse (ha ha, get it?) should be sure to check out CinemaBlend’s 2021 Winter and Spring TV Premiere list for the latest shows headed to the small screen. Unless, of course, you're busy with your own space missions, and why haven't you invited me yet?

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