The Expanse Is Ending At Amazon, But There Is Good News

Fans of The Expanse have had a roller coaster ride in the past couple of years, with the show being cancelled by Syfy and then rescued by Amazon. Now, though, it's time for the show to take its actual, final bow, as it will soon come to an end on Amazon. But, there is some good news for viewers, as the show has been renewed for Season 6.

Amazon announced the end of The Expanse today, but also made sure fans would have a rather large parting gift in the form of a Season 6 renewal for the beloved sci-fi series. This comes as Season 5 has yet to debut on the streamer, with a premiere date of December 16 still on the books. So, while fans are certain to be unhappy about having to say goodbye to one of their favorites, at least they can rest assured that those behind the show will be able to wrap up the storylines and send all of the characters off exactly the way they've been hoping to.

About the cancellation, executive producers Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, as well as executive producer / showrunner Naren Shankar, all had wonderful things to say about the experience of working with Amazon to keep the show alive into Season 6, with Shankar giving a special thanks to the show's many fans around the world, noting:

Kosove and Johnson: From the moment we committed to bringing this show to life up until this final season, we have worked tirelessly to honor the vision of the writers. We have prided ourselves on having one of the most diverse casts on television and giving a platform to stories that matter. A special thanks to Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the writers of both the books and series, and to Naren Shankar, the series showrunner and Executive Producer. It continues to be an honor and privilege to work with this team. We also would like to thank Amazon for their continuing support to help us tell this story in its fullest and to bring The Expanse to a global audience.Shankar: The dedication and artistry of everyone who helps bring The Expanse to the screen is incredible. Our fans are awesome, and we cannot wait to get rolling on Season Six!

When the cast and crew of The Expanse was preparing for the Season 4 premiere, which dropped on the streamer in December 2019, several of those behind the show revealed their relief in getting picked up. But, it wasn't just because the cancelled cancellation meant that they'd be able to continue telling the stories which began in the eight novel series by author James S. A. Corey. Many of them spoke about how, while Syfy did its best to honor what they needed to tell compelling stories, it was truly fitting to now be going to a streaming service which would allow the creatives more freedom in several meaningful ways.

Season 5 of The Expanse is set to be action-packed (there is a little thing called Armageddon coming down the pike), so it's a good thing that we don't have long to wait to see how it will set up the events of the final season. The Expanse will premiere with three full episodes dropping on Amazon on December 16, and subsequent offerings debuting weekly through February 3, 2021. For more on what to watch in the meantime, check out our guide to fall TV and see what's coming in the new year!

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