Will Star Trek: Picard Bring Back Worf And 5 Other Big Questions Before Season 1

Star Trek Picard CBS All Access

It has been about a year and a half since Patrick Stewart surprised audiences with an announcement he was returning with a new Star Trek series, and now Star Trek: Picard is nearly here. It's exciting as a Star Trek fan to see one of the franchise's best characters get back in the saddle, especially given all the Star Trek: The Next Generation veterans he'll bring along with him.

A lot has been revealed about Star Trek: Picard, but there is still plenty shrouded in mystery. With only a short time before the series makes its premiere on CBS All Access, here are some of the things I'm still curious about ahead of the first episode.

Worf Star Trek

Will Worf Appear In Star Trek: Picard?

There are many former Star Trek: The Next Generation alumni fans have been told to expect, though one was left off the list many are eager to see. Michael Dorn's Worf is not advertised to be in Season 1 and CBS has openly had to state that he won't be featured on the show. That said, there's a possibility someone may be lying about that given some behind-the-scenes pictures of a prop connected to Dorn.

The whole controversy was based in a picture uploaded by a cinematographer, which featured a signed clapper from the Star Trek: Picard cast. CBS can deny all it wants, but there's no denying the unidentified signature on the clapper resembles the autograph of Michael Dorn. It's also slightly suspect no specific person with the show came out and denied this, nor has it been talked about since last September. I'm still suspicious, and possibly in denial it won't happen because I can't think of anything cooler than seeing Worf back in Star Trek.

Seven Of Nine Star Trek

How Important Are The Borg To Star Trek: Picard's Story?

Star Trek: Picard has two familiar Borg drones that will come into the story in Season 1. Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager and Hugh from Star Trek: The Next Generation both have a part to play, but how significant are their roles? Is it just a coincidence that they're both in this season, or will the Borg play a part in yet another Picard adventure?

We have some clues on Hugh's role, as actor Jonathan Del Arco revealed to TrekMovie.com he'll be a leader of free Borg. There have been rumors that suggest Romulans are somewhat intertwined with the Borg, and that some Romulans have found out how to manipulate these free Borg. There's nothing official on that information as of yet, though we do know there will be a couple Romulans along for the ride in this adventure.

Star Trek Nemesis

Just How Relevant Will Star Trek: Nemesis Be?

Star Trek: Picard takes place 20 years after Star Trek: Nemesis, and it is known there will be some ties between the Star Trek movie and the CBS All Access series. For example, Picard is still broken up about the sacrifice of Data, and has the deconstructed body of his friend sitting in a container.

Beyond that, we're largely in the dark on how relevant Star Trek: Nemesis will be to Star Trek: Picard. Will the movie play a heavy role in the events of the streaming show, or will it just set the stage for an adventure that goes in an entirely different direction? One can never be too sure when it comes to Star Trek, and there are way too many threads and storylines to think of to make an accurate guess ahead of its premiere.

Star Trek

Will Star Trek: Picard Reference The Kelvin Timeline?

One key element from 2009's Star Trek will also be a factor in Star Trek: Picard: the destruction of Romulus. In the Prime timeline (which is where Picard takes place) Romulus is destroyed following Ambassador Spock's failed attempt to manipulate red matter. Nero, a survivor of Romulus, was sucked back in time with Spock in an artificial black hole, and thus the Kelvin timeline is born.

I can't imagine Star Trek: Picard will journey to the Kelvin timeline (if that's even possible), but I would wager there will be at least one reference to Ambassador Spock's disappearance. It's the perfect way to pay homage to Leonard Nimoy's final performance as Spock without needing his actual character, and will have to be referenced anyway considering there are clearly some off-world Romulan survivors that have lived as refugees. The Kelvin timeline doesn't have to play a huge role, but a small acknowledgement of it considering it's tied to canon would be nice.

Star Trek Picard Picard And Riker

How Will The Former Cast Of Star Trek: The Next Generation Be Used?

Star Trek: Picard has a lot of folks from former Star Trek shows appearing, and yes, that includes Star Trek: The Next Generation. Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Brent Spiner are said to be a part of the fun, but we still don't know how Picard will utilize Ryker, Deanna Troi, and Data.

One thing we do know is not to expect a ton of Data, as Brent Spiner said his role is limited in Star Trek: Picard. One could speculate the story is the same for Ryker and Deanna, especially considering Jonathan Frakes' quote about his anxiety attack about getting in front of the camera again. Will we see more people beyond that, and if so, what role will the former cast of The Next Generation play?

Michael Burnham Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Will Star Trek: Picard Reference Star Trek: Discovery?

Typically, when a franchise introduces multiple projects in 2020, there's a solid chance a crossover will happen. Now that Star Trek: Discovery is firmly planted in the deep future, perhaps there's a chance that it and Star Trek: Picard will cross paths with the Discovery crew via some sort of space weirdness or Michael Burnham and company becoming the franchise's resident time travelers.

It's also fine if it doesn't happen, as Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery gave a solid explanation behind why no one knows of or has talked about the Discovery's exploits or crew. As cool as it would be to see a crossover between two Trek shows like in the old days, perhaps both are better served if they work on trying to tell their respective stories first before working out a way to have worlds collide.

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