Sorry, Casey, But Chicago Fire May Have Just Set Up The Romance Brett Needs


Spoilers ahead for the fourth episode of Chicago Fire Season 9, "Funny What Things Remind Us."

The wild ride of Chicago Fire setting up the slow burn between Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett took a complicated turn in Season 9 when Brett finally realized that they needed to face the Dawson issue looming over them. Casey is okay with pursuing a relationship despite the grand Dawsey saga, but Brett said that she needs space, and "Funny What Things Remind Us" revealed that Brett's Casey-free space may involve another firefighter.

Another firefighter who is, if I may be so bold, downright adorable and not shy about showing interest in Firehouse 51's most experienced EMT! She and the new guy flirted it up a bit in the aftermath of an emergency, when first responders from their respective firehouses mingled on the same scene and discovered a long-running prank war between some of the older firefighters. He turned up a few more times to lend a hand in the prank war without getting his hands dirty, and he's seemingly a good guy who comes with no strings attached. And he's not hard on the eyes, either! Go for it, Brett!

Brettsey may have been set up as the biggest Chicago Fire will-they-won't-they relationship ever since Stellaride took that torch from Dawsey, but I really think that Brett deserves a guy who comes with no complications, at least for now. Brett hasn't really had a love interest who's just around for her. Cruz was a bigger character than she was when they were together. Antonio was Gabby Dawson's brother, and his status as a Chicago P.D. star meant that it would never work out in the long run. As for Kyle, Brett was with him for the wrong reasons, and Casey couldn't really come with more strings attached.

Seriously, Brett was basically the biggest Dawsey fan before Dawson left, and an excited attendee of their wedding. New guy? He's on the scene for Brett, and he could be so good for her. Whether that's because he's a love interest who could be around in the long run or a guy who sticks around long enough for Brett to get some clarity about a romantic future with Casey or just somebody who goes out with her once or twice and it doesn't work out, I'm on board. Why not, at this point? She's the one who wants space from the intensity of what she had with Casey, and doesn't seem to be hoping to get back on track the way Casey is.

And that's actually why I'm more on board with Brett hooking up with the cute new firefighter than Casey hooking up with the cute woman he saved in the emergency. I need to see more of them together before I decide if I think she could be the romance that he needs to follow the brief burn that was Brettsey before it went back down to a smolder. Dipping their toes back into the dating pool could be the best thing for Casey and Brett to figure out what they want and whether that needs to be each other.

Find out what happens next (or doesn't happen next) for what was once the good ship Brettsey with new episodes of Chicago Fire on NBC Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET, between new episodes of Chicago Med at 8 p.m. ET and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET. Hopefully Stella and Severide won't join Brett and Casey in the single life after what Severide is pulling!

Laura Hurley
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