Chicago Fire Has Another Complication For Brett After Her Major Tragedy

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Chicago Fire has not gone easy on Sylvie Brett this season, and that is not entirely surprising. This is the One Chicago franchise we are talking about, and heartbreak tends to lie behind many corners. Cut to Brett’s storyline, and she has recently suffered a significant tragedy. If that is not enough, another complication is coming her way.

First, a refresher. During the Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. crossover, Brett reunited with her biological mother, Julie, who was pregnant again. Along with the impending arrival of Brett’s sister, Julie revealed another development. She and her husband would likely be moving to Chicago. If you thought that this joyous reunion would not end well, you were right.

After spending time bonding, Brett’s biological mother ended up dying due to complications surrounding the premature birth of her new daughter. As you can imagine, the loss of Julie has rocked Brett, and Chicago Fire fans are about to see how much. Oh, and you can add that aforementioned wrinkle to the equation. Chicago Fire showrunner, Derek Haas, told TVLine:

[Julie’s death is] eating at [Brett]. There is another complication — with Scott, the father of her half-sister — that happens.

What could this complication be, and how will Brett handle it? NBC’s description for tonight’s (April 8) episode, entitled “Light Things Up,” teases that Brett will face a “monumental decision.” Sounds intense! Chicago Fire has something in store. I wonder if Brett will somehow end up with custody of her baby sister.

The ratings hit should reveal what happens next soon. Who could be helping Brett decide? Does this decision have to do with her baby sister? The answer behind door number one seems to have Matthew Casey as a strong contender. Even if you should not get too excited about Casey and Brett’s romantic future. Chicago Fire’s showrunner, Derek Haas, teased:

He’s been there for her this whole time. That isn’t going to change. Where it goes from there, you’ll have to watch and find out.

Is there hope for Brett and Casey, after all? Obviously, their friendship is still going strong. The pair’s budding chemistry has encountered its share of complications this season on Chicago Fire. However, Casey should be there to help Brett as she deals with whatever lies ahead. It would be tragic for her to lose her birth mom and her baby sister.

Jesse Spencer had warned that Chicago Fire’s current season is not the one for Casey and Brett to embark on a romance. While there should be more in store for him as the season progresses, time will tell how that plays out in a romantic capacity for him and Brett.

For now, Brett has a lot on her plate. It sounds as though her biological mother’s husband could be an issue. Thankfully, Casey should have her back with whatever comes. Find out what happens with Brett on new episodes of Chicago P.D. when they air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. The intense drama is one of the shows airing throughout this spring.

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