Alex Rodriguez Refutation Rolls Around After Dating Rumors With Southern Charm Star Swirl

The rumor mill has recently bee busy targeting Alex Rodriguez with allegations he may have potentially cheated on his now-fiancée Jennifer Lopez with a reality television personality. The lady in question, Madison Lecroy of Southern Charm fame, has made several public inferences about the former athlete, along with some of her co-stars. The shocking turn of events has led to a statement coming out speaking to the rumor's validity.

Speculation from the cast of Southern Charm indicates that Lecroy may have known and met up with Rodriguez last year, with one even suggesting that the two allegedly slept together. In the time since the rumors rolled around, Madison Lecroy has said that she never met up with Rodriguez and told Page Six that he is only an “acquaintance.” A source close to Rodriguez also told E! News,

Alex doesn’t know her and has never met her.

The conflicting statements from all parties have left fans and viewers confused about what actually happened. This hasn't stopped the relentless reality show rumor machine, however. In a timeless sequence of events, Madison Lecroy’s co-star Danni Baird also joined in the chatter about the alleged tryst, on a podcast no less. On the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Baird claimed:

Months before that, I had heard, like, [LeCroy] had told me that they were Facetiming or something. And I just assumed. I never asked more about it or anything like that. So I just kind of forgot about it. It just didn't tie in that he was a Major League Baseball player.

Alex Rodriguez played 22 seasons of Major League Baseball before retiring in 2017. He has been in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez since that same year, with the two becoming engaged in 2019. Lopez told Oprah at a panel last year that they are not in a hurry to tie the knot.

The rumor mill about infidelity has increased since the first part of the Southern Charm reunion special aired on Bravo. Castmate Craig Conover, the self-described “Pillow Prince,” was determined to nail Madison Lecroy to a cross. He accused her of facetiming a famous player (though the name was not aired on the special) that was married and labeled her as “trash.”

Madison Lecroy was also accused by her co-stars of this being a pattern. At the reunion, Conover and ex-boyfriend Austin Kroll claim she allegedly hooked up with Jay Cutler, a former NFL quarterback, as “revenge.” Cutler and his wife Kristin Cavallari announced that they were getting a divorce in April of last year. However, at the reunion, Lecroy pulled out her DM receipts for host Andy Cohen to read out loud that allegedly show Cutler initiating contact.

Regardless of who reached out to who, it is clear Madison Lecroy is stepping into tumultuous waters. For a major pop star and athlete to be entangled in the rumblings of Bravo drama is no small feat. Southern Charm is rife with scandal that is either a one-off or completely unheard of in the network’s other shows. There have been surprising pregnancies and multiple arrests and no shortage of screaming matches, and the list goes on and on. But never affair rumors with an A-List celebrity!

A-Rod and J-Lo are likely to continue brushing the incident aside like crumbs off their fur coats. But certainly, Madison Lecroy will seize this moment and solidify her claim as the “alpha” on Southern Charm. The epic conclusion to the Southern Charm reunion special occurs tonight on Bravo! Check out the schedule for past and future shows to look out for this year.

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