7 Things From Star Wars' Light Of The Jedi Book I Really Want In A TV Series

Star Wars: The High Republic

Star Wars is slowly pulling back the curtain on its new era, The High Republic, and while there are a few works fans can check out right now, I highly suggest diving into Charles Soule's Light of the Jedi first. The inaugural adult novel in The High Republic saga details a massive tragedy in the galaxy and sets the stage for what should be a major arc in the era.

The more I read in Light of the Jedi, the more I realized how much of it would be amazing to see in a Star Wars series. This era contains some stuff we've yet to see in the franchise since Disney took ownership and would be great to see on Disney+ someday. Fair warning: there will be some some Light of the Jedi spoilers ahead here for those who haven't read it yet, so keep that in mind if you're still waiting for a chance to read it!

Star Wars Light Of The Jedi

The Wookiee Jedi

One of the most pleasant surprises of Light of the Jedi is that there is a Wookiee Jedi named Burryaga Agaburry. He doesn't play a massive part in Light of the Jedi, but what little we learn of his innate ability to sense emotions in the Force is very interesting. I've wanted to see a Jedi Wookiee in live-action for quite some time, as there was a Wookiee Jedi youngling in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and I think it would be a waste to do a show and not have the now-Padawan a part of an adventure or two.

The Nihil Star Wars: The High Republic

The Nihil's Unique Ferocity And Behavior

When I first learned about the Nihil, I couldn't help but think they weren't adversaries worthy of taking on the Jedi. Light of the Jedi changed my tune and showed me the Nihil are basically the most evil characters you'd see in a Mad Max movie put into the world of Star Wars. It also kind of shocked me that I was reading about the Nihil routinely engaging in drugs before a battle but in a good way. It turns out I like a little edge in my Star Wars adventure, so I'm hoping for a first appearance in Star Wars television that doesn't scrub that part from the lore.

Star Wars: The High Republic

The Crazy Ways Jedi Use The Force

Jedi Padawans, Knights, and Masters all do some crazy things in Light of the Jedi. One particular passage I liked is when two Jedi used the Force in order to create a rain cloud over some over-processed Droids, which then was able to keep them cool and continue their task without overheating. It sounds like a silly moment without full context, but also some more of the incredible skills that extend so far beyond the physical feats we often see Jedi do in movies and television. Light of the Jedi is really big on what can be felt and maneuvered through the Force, and I hope that idea brings some fresh ideas of how it could be reinvented on screen.

The Nihil Star Wars: The High Republic

The Nihil Base Of Operations

Some of the most interesting scenes in Light of the Jedi occur in the Gaze Electric, a described palace, and fortress to the Nihil Eye, Marchion Ro. The various leaders and factions congregate in a great hall area where food and drink all take place as speeches and missions are dispatched to members. Scenes describe the main meeting area of the Gaze Electric as open with viewports that give the illusion everyone is directly out in space, which is such a cool visual mixed with these gas-mask marauders. I can't wait to see how it might be tackled on television and the ship/palace in its full glory.

The High Republic Yoda

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Yoda As A Teacher

It was announced ahead of Light of the Jedi's release that Yoda would be around in The High Republic, and we do get a sense of who he is in this era compared to previous adventures. It turns out Yoda was even a big deal in this era, as he took a leave of absence from the Jedi council to be a teacher. Yoda may be in a teaching position, but it's clear that his rank is still impressive amongst the Jedi and that he would probably be welcome back to the council whenever he so chose. The question is, though, why did Yoda step away, and what later pulled him back into the council? I'm not sure, but I definitely see some potential in this new side of Yoda where he's mentoring younger minds.

The High Republic Lightsabers The Light Of The Jedi

Different Types Of Lightsabers

The High Republic occurs at a time of relative peace in the galaxy, and I think one distinctive sign of that is a rare show of vanity from the Jedi. We get descriptions for unique lightsaber hilts that surpass more modern designs, ornate crossguards, and even new colors. Obviously, it's foolish to think there's no reason within the story for these unique designs, but I think the best part of this era could be seeing how the Jedi behave when they aren't at war or in exile. We have a chance to see the Order at the height of its power and the unique rituals and dynamics that can create within the Order, which would be exciting to see on television.

Jedi Vector The High Republic

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Jedi Vectors

Star Wars kicked its franchise off with some pretty iconic fictional vehicles, so it really takes something impressive for me to be interested in the description of a ship that isn't an X-Wing or the Millenium Falcon. Jedi Vectors are the next big ship of The High Republic era, and damn, do they sound cool. These Jedi-specific ships are sleek and capable of some pretty impressive maneuvers with the right Jedi behind them. I love the idea of Jedi having specific vehicles they can fly and take on missions in a group and already want a spinoff that focuses on some of the greatest pilots within the Jedi Order. Of course, now I'm wondering how one of these bad boys would've done with Luke Skywalker in the captain's seat, which we'll likely never see considering the timeline.

It will likely be a while before we see Star Wars' The High Republic era on our television screens, but that doesn't mean there won't be a lot of things to enjoy from the franchise in the meantime. Keep track of all the things going on in the franchise with CinemaBlend's handy guide, and check back often for updates on what's happening in the universe.

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