WandaVision: 10 Big Questions We Have After That Game-Changing Episode 7

wandavision wanda confused on couch

Major spoilers below for anyone who hasn't yet watched WandaVision's seventh episode, the metatextually titled "Breaking the Fourth Wall." Be warned, but don't be witched!

Once again, a new WandaVision episode has managed to scramble viewers' brains with a bunch of giant reveals sprinkled throughout its genre-mashing narrative. Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda is now fully encapsulated in the 2000s, at least until her powers start to glitch and her house begins to flash back to different timelines. Perhaps that was all foreshadowing to set up the previous eras coming back into effect during Agnes' musical moment later in the episode. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

WandaVision did answer a few major questions with "Breaking the Fourth Wall," but it also set audiences up with a whole new batch of inquiries and curiosities to ponder over until the next installment arrives on Disney+. So let's burn through them while waiting on this road crew that suddenly showed up out of nowhere.

wandavision missing poster on milk carton

Who's The Missing Kid On Wanda's Milk Carton?

Missing posters on milk cartons haven't been prevalent in quite a while, but the ubiquitous imagery felt right at home in Wanda's time-flopping home. But who is this kid, and does it have anything to do with the missing persons case that Randall Park's Jimmy Woo was initially brought in for? Or does it indicate that some people outside of Westview are desperately seeking their missing loved ones?

wandavision hayward outside the hex episode 7

What Is Hayward Launching?

While I can only hope that S.W.O.R.D. Director Hayward is planning on launching a big explosive rocket right up his own ass, that's probably not what WandaVision has in store for the militant semi-antagonist. So is he going to try and nuke the Hex as a way of getting to Vision, or does he have something slightly less explosively verbose in mind?

wandavision monica walking through the Hex boundary

Which Marvel Alias Will Monica Rambeau Use?

Though Wanda's Hex perimeter didn't fully allow S.W.O.R.D.'s space vehicle through its walls, Teyonah Parris' Monica made the choice to go in alone, only this time she maintained her sentience enough to "safely" make it through without being rewritten. Her glowing eyes and her ability to fight off some of Wanda's power made it clear that we're looking at a brand new MCU hero, but which name will she go by? One might thing Photon, to remember her mother Maria by, but considering Monica might not want to be known by a moniker that speaks to her mother's relationship with Carol Danvers, maybe she'll take on Spectrum or one of her other comic titles.

wandavision vision hearing about his deaths

Will Vision Ever Get His Memories Back?

Now that the back-to-normal Darcy gave Vision the Wandasnotes version of his fate in Avengers: Infinity War, he has a new perspective on his Westview existence. But will the character ever get to a point where actually gets all of Vision's memories back, or is this version the more preferred take, since he isn't weighed down as much by all that trauma?

wandavision agnes agatha with tommy and billy in her house

What Did Agatha Harkness Do To Billy And Tommy?

I could talk all day about the utter magnificence of Kathryn Hahn's big Agatha Harkness reveal, but there are potentially children in danger, so I'll clam up about that side of things. ("Agnes All Along" is the best song yet, and okay, NOW I'll clam up about it.) She was being nice to them initially, what with the sandwiches and the rabbit-petting, so it doesn't seem like she's eager to torture or kill them or anything. But they're no doubt in some form of danger that will likely differ from what Agatha has in store for Wanda. Speaking of...

What Is Agatha's Plan For Wanda?

Agatha clearly has a reason why she decided to reveal herself to Wanda in this episode, and she's got presumably nefarious plans for Wanda and her children. But what is she actually going to DO with Wanda? Lock her up somehow and force her to keep the Hex going and growing? Maybe figure out a way to having Wanda continue pumping out powered-up children?

Where Did Vision Go?

After hearing about his previous fate from Darcy, Vision appeared to have a clear goal in mind that wasn't just "fly away and avoid this uncomfortable situation." (I'm so glad they showed him becoming self-aware in the middle of a talking-head shot.) So is he just heading back home to Wanda, or does he have a different destination in mind?

wandavision the delivery man and dottie

Who Are Dottie And The Delivery Man, For Reals Though?

If Emma Caulfield's Dottie wasn't extremely important in some way, she wouldn't have received her own episode, and wouldn't still be appearing via reaction shots in later episodes. She had to get personally approved by Kevin Feige, so she's important, but who is this character outside of the Hex? And while Westview's resident mailman/delivery man (as portrayed by Amos Gluck) doesn't appear to be a big deal, he's clearly got some kind of connection with Agnes/Agatha, and it was pretty suspicious for him to show up when he did in Episode 7. So what's his deal?

What Will "Pietro" Do To Monica?

Now that we know Evan Peters isn't really Pietro Maximoff – not that we fully thought he was – and is actually one of Agatha Harkness' goons, it's even more unclear what he'll get into for the rest of WandaVision's run. His final line of the episode from the mid-credits sequence – "Snooper's gonna snoop" – seems to indicate he's got a personality, and isn't just a mindless henchman. Which is a good thing for him, since Monica is kind of a superhero now, but is he strong enough to take her down? And is he going to try and kill her, or just trap her somehow?

wandavision stork returns episode 7

Is It Meaningful That The Stork Came Back?

Considering the theories out there that Wanda's stork was actually Mephisto in disguise when it appeared in Episode 3, as well as the importance of animals throughout this series, I feel like there's something to take away from the stork returning in Episode 7 when Wanda was losing control of her home. I don't know WHAT it means, beyond possibly foreshadowing problems coming to her children, but it doesn't seem like a fluke.

If anybody has answers for any of the above questions, let us know in the comments and keep the conversation going while waiting for Episode 8 to arrive on Disney+ next Friday.

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