No New Legacies This Week, But Did We Already Get A Cheeky Doctor Who Reference?

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Legacies fans hoping for yet another night of developments as to whether Landon is dead or alive will be disappointed this week, and for some time, because there are no new episodes until March. The good news is that it gives folks plenty of time to revisit Season 3's episodes thus far and that cheeky Doctor Who reference that may have been snuck in during the latest episode.

Hope needed help searching for Landon in "This Is What It Takes," and once she was able to get the rest of the Salvatore school to help, Alaric offered a solution. He gave Hope the therapy box (which was previously used by the students during that weird noir episode), and she was transported into a fantasy world in which everyone was in a cheesy '80s slasher film. Hope went about trying to save her friends from a mysterious slasher, who ended up being none other than Landon himself.

While Legacies fans know where things went after that and how we're once again left to wonder if Landon is alive or dead, they may have missed the seemingly obvious nod to Doctor Who in the episode. Check out what Landon said to Hope once the two got on the topic of discussing the therapy box.

It's bigger than it looks on the outside, right?

The line, while possibly unintentional, seems to be a twist on the common line used frequently on Doctor Who in reference to The Doctor's TARDIS. People who visit the Doctor's ship, which is fashioned after an old British police box, are often stunned when stepping inside and realizing the ship is impossibly larger than it appears on the outside. Hence the term "bigger on the inside" is often used, similar to what Landon referenced on Legacies.

In truth, the only real similarity between Legacies' therapy box and Doctor Who's TARDIS is that they both contain way more space than they should by the traditional laws of nature. The therapy box has the ability to warp its reality based on the users and teaching them some form of a lesson in an entertaining way. The TARDIS more or less travels through time and can do some other whacky stuff on occasion when the situation calls for it.

As mentioned, it's not entirely certain whether or not Legacies was referencing Doctor Who. It wouldn't be all that surprising if there were some writers on staff who have an appreciation for BBC's sci-fi series, given that both shows dabble in the "monster of the week" format and all sorts of supernatural events. As a fan of both, I'd love for more references in the future, if only because these teens are seldom talking about normal pop culture!

Legacies will return to The CW with new episodes Thursday, March 11 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for more on the show, like how the series arranged for that surprise cameo from The Vampire Diaries.

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