Why Legacies Needs To Make Up Its Mind About Landon

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Legacies episode "This Is What It Takes." Read at your own risk!

Another episode of Legacies has come and gone, and in what has become a recurring theme for The CW series, fans are left wondering if Landon is alive or dead. Frustration rang out on social media that the character's life was once again in the balance, and I definitely understand the frustration.

It seemed like this cycle of Hope losing Landon and Landon losing Hope would finally be broken in "This Is What It Takes," with Hope's efforts to save Landon using the therapy box. After a weird adventure in a slasher prison world, Hope was convinced by Landon to give up and go back to the real world. She did, and after a brief conversation with Alaric, she accepted that Landon really is gone and will not return. She throws the artifact into the lake, and of course, it starts to glow.

We then cut to a shot of Landon walking in a dark area, nothingness all around him. Suddenly a bright door appeared out of nowhere, and he approached. Legacies fans wondered if this door was representative of Landon returning to the real world or if this was a sign he was finally moving on to the afterlife.

Personally, I found it hard to be excited about either scenario. I'm just so exhausted with Landon dying and returning these days that the stakes feel almost nonexistent at this point. First, it was the whole drama of him being a Phoenix, then he actually died but became a ghost, then he came back but lost his powers, and now he's dead but maybe not actually? There has to be something else this couple can do besides be in mortal peril, or at least another story that Legacies can better spotlight.

Of course, one could argue that there isn't a lot else happening in Legacies at the moment. If you take away all the Hope and Landon drama, you're left with Josie choosing to walk away from magic to take a shot at being a normal teenager or Lizzie being jealous that MG has moved on for a relationship with Alyssa. Perhaps the show was a bit too hasty with getting rid of the Necromancer so early?

Things may heat up soon though because Legacies conveniently did all it could not to acknowledge the fact that Landon struck some kind of deal with his father Malivore back in the prior episode. There's a theory that Malivore was posing as Landon when they returned from the prison world, which while gross, could become another big storyline should Landon return to the real world once again. Of course, Malivore returning as Landon once again leaves the question of whether Landon is alive or not, which would bring us full circle yet again.

Legacies fans, how do you feel about the back-and-forth on Landon? Share your thoughts in the comments, and for more on The CW series, read on about how the show managed to pull off that surprising cameo from The Vampire Diaries.

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