Did Legacies Just Say Goodbye To A Character For Good?

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Legacies episode "Goodbyes Sure Do Suck." Read at your own risk!

Legacies had only just given Rafael Waithe a cool backstory, and now it seems like the character may be leaving The CW series for good. The werewolf and foster brother of Landon was brought back to life in the previous season, but as Chad's fate in the previous episode showed, there's something screwy with how The Necromancer returned those two (plus Alyssa Chang) to life.

Thankfully, the Salvatore students were able to find a way around the Arthurian descendant's fate, but in doing so, has Legacies written Rafael off for good? The episode definitely had a feeling like it was the final act for the character, even if he escaped an almost-certain death.

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While the witches were unable to reverse the inevitable death of Rafael, Hope did manage to think up an alternative at the last minute. Using the Ascendant, they were able to banish Rafael to a prison world that had been constructed to be an idealized way the character viewed heaven. What's better is they were also able to track down his father and birth mother, who both agreed to be banished as well to spend eternity with him. Landon promised to visit whenever he could and assured Rafael he would do so often.

Of course, as idealized as that prison world may be, eternity is a long time. Even the perfect day would get old after a little while, but if Rafael leaves the prison world in his current state, he will die. Legacies may have saved him in the short-term but also may have damned him to an eventually worse fate alongside his two parents. Is Rafael doomed forever in the prison world, or is there a chance he'll return?

For now, that's not entirely clear. The witches exhausted all methods of trying to save Raf, though people have found loopholes around death in Legacies in the past. The defeat of The Necromancer could be the key to negating the effects of his botched resurrection, but that will take time, and there are no guarantees. Plus, with that Oracle at the episode's end confirming to him that his plan to control the beasts of Malivore would succeed, he may be around for a long time.

While I can only speculate, I will say that it seemed to me like Legacies was crafting the perfect goodbye for Rafael. It is a bit strange, though, that the previous episode would go to the trouble of establishing the character as a descendant of King Arthur, only to write him off the series in the very next episode. For now, I'll say that Legacies certainly has creative ways of bringing back the dead, and it seems like Raf could return but for now, he's going to be in that prison world and out of the story for a chunk of time.

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