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The Walking Dead Already Dropped Its First Season 11 Video, Featuring A Big Comic Book Connection

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These are truly unprecedented times for AMC's The Walking Dead, which at last debuted the first of its extended Season 10 episodes, Not only did that winter premiere mark the first time a TWD season has gone beyond 16 installments, but the episode also gave way to viewers' first official look at its final season, which is wild for a show that used to bend over backwards to keep future reveals hidden from fans. Granted, the promo video isn't filled with details or anything, but it does feature a location familiar to comic book readers.

The Walking Dead's first Season 11 video also allows fans to start celebrating that those episodes will apparently debut even earlier than viewers were expecting! The first half of the final season will premiere in the summer, and even if it shows up at the last possible weekend in September before autumn arrives, that would still be at least two weeks earlier than The Walking Dead usually premieres on AMC. In any case, check out the video!

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First, let's talk about what could be seen and heart in the video. Without any context, it's a pretty shocking visual, all things considered. We see an interrogation room, similar to what one would find in a police station, with two video cameras set up on opposite ends of a table. Our P.O.V. is presumably from behind the one-sided mirror, making it likely that this actually is set within an abandoned station. The weirdest thing about the video are the blacked-out sections in the middle and on the left side, which disappear for a second during the mid-clip glitch, but I can't even think about what to speculate about them, so we'll move on.

Beyond the visuals is the specific audio heard during the promo clip. It starts off an electronic whine-sound that is quite familiar for our world, but is likely very rarely heard during post-apocalyptic times. There are footsteps and seemingly a lot of whispering voices in the background, as well as some clicking noises that seem to indicate someone adjusting a camera or other device. And then, as the footage cuts out, we hear what seems to be a slamming door, or perhaps that interrogation table being slammed against the floor. In any case, it's not the most comforting noise.

What Walking Dead Location Is The Season 11 Video Teasing?

This is likely The Walking Dead fans' first official video set within the comic book location known as the Commonwealth, which is by far the largest new community that the protagonists have seen since the world went to shit. Similar to Woodbury, the Commonwealth's leader Pamela Milton uses "Governor" as her title, and then similar to Alexandria's Deanna Monroe (Douglas in the comic), Pamela makes all new residents go through an interview process. Not only is this to gauge newcomers' personalities and skillsets, but it's also used to figure out where they fit in the community's class system.

Understandably, that process isn't exactly embraced whenever The Walking Dead's comic book characters first arrive at the Commonwealth, especially by Eugene, who is suspicious of everything before he finally gets to meet his radio buddy Stephanie. Of course, the comic book had Michonne there to comfortably bridge the gap, with Robert Kirkman having dropped the reveal that Michonne's long-lost daughter lived within the Commonwealth. That obviously isn't going to happen in the TV show, with Danai Gurira having exited the show in Season 10.

And just in case anyone had any doubts about this being the Commonwealth, the Walking Dead post's caption starts off with "A New World Order," which is a direct reference to the comic book arc of the same name, which encompassed issues #175-#180. Now we just have to wait and see who gets cast as Pamela Milton, her shitty son, and other noteworthy characters within the region. (At least we already know who's playing Stephanie.)

Eugene, Princess, Ezekiel and Yumiko will be the first group of people who will reach the Commonwealth, and they were most recently seen being discovered by a group of soldiers decked out in fancy protective gear. Previews for the extended Season 10 episodes seem to show that tense situation playing out for a whole episode, but fans will hopefully get their first look inside the Commonwealth before Season 10 is officially complete.

With five episodes still left to go in the latter portion of Season 10, The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Stay tuned for more details about when Season 11 will actually debut!

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