Watch The Boys Star Jack Quaid's Hilarious Batman And Spider-Man Impressions

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The Boys is in production for Season 3, which means Jack Quaid's Hughie Campbell will be back on television, possibly dripping from head to toe in blood. The actor is choosing to spend his free time outside of that doing fewer gross activities but still leaning into the whole superhero vibe with some truly hilarious impressions.

Let the record stand right here that none of these impressions are Oscar-worthy or Emmy-worthy. With that being said, Jack Quaid's impressions of Christian Bale's Batman, Spider-Man, and others will leave fans in stitches once they see his hilarious interview on Stir Crazy featuring Josh Horowitz. If you want to skip straight to the impressions, jump ahead to 1:50!

I'm not banking on Jack Quaid getting an offer to appear as the Spider-Man of another multiverse anytime soon, but I appreciate the enthusiasm and gusto he threw behind his "thwick" sound effect. I also honestly think that while the Superman impression was deliberately corny, it also wasn't half bad. Should The CW be looking for a stand-in for Tyler Hoechlin in the near future, they may have their guy in Quaid.

For now, though, Jack Quaid is only dealing with superheroes in the context of The Boys. Quaid revealed that even if he didn't get the role of Hughie, his initial reading of the script basically ensured he'd be a fan of the series whether he got the role or not. Quaid got the part, which he confirmed to Josh Horowitz did not come with a disclaimer about the amount of blood he'd have to be soaked in.

No one told me...They didn't lead with it but it's kind of become my thing which I never anticipated being a part of my life...I need the blood to get into character.

Jack Quaid said that, but curiously enough said he'd rather chug Compound V than whale guts in a latter question related to The Boys. Luckily for him, it's been revealed (via that Season 3 of The Boys will show Hughie aiding Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, and leaning more into his strengths as an investigator and competent professional rather than more violent things. Of course, the fact that Victoria Neuman is also a no-good Supe may mean violence is coming his way sooner than later, and perhaps more blood as well.

Perhaps if his impression of DeNiro playing Wolverine was what he went with in his audition, Jack Quaid may have escaped the "guts" and glory of playing Hughie. The Boys Season 3 is currently in production, and the prior two seasons can currently be binged on Amazon Prime Video. Keep tabs on all we know about the season so far with our handy guide, which gives the rundown any fan not currently in the know looking to learn more would expect.

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