The Legend Of Korra: 5 Directions We Would Like The Series To Go at Avatar Studios

The Legend of Korra

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I’ve already talked about what direction I would love to see Avatar: The Last Airbender head in when it comes to Avatar Studios. But now, I want to talk about The Legend of Korra. I actually recently finished pouring through the new Legend of Korra Steelbook Blu-Ray Collection, which comes out on March 16th, and it got me to thinking about all the wonderful directions the series could potentially head in if the co-creators decide to continue with it.

Because they’re definitely going to, right? They’ve already expanded upon the world of the series when it comes to the comics, and with confirmation that we’re getting an animated movie from Avatar Studios, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for more Korra content as well. Here are just 5 possible directions that I would love to see from one of my favorite series of all time.

Team Korra

Adult Versions Of Korra's Team Avatar

I know I’ve said many, many times that I don’t want to see Aang’s Team Avatar all grown up, and I’m well aware that I might sound like a hypocrite if I said that I wanted to see Korra’s team all grown up, but... I really do want to see a series of Korra’s team all grown up. More so than that, I want to see if Korrasami’s relationship continues into adulthood and also if they have any children.

And because we already saw many of the characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender all grown up in The Legend of Korra (even if they were super old or even dead), that might be why I never felt the need to see their characters as adults. But we’ve never seen Korra’s gang all grown up in any form, so I would actually love to see that. Or, I don’t know. Maybe I just like The Legend of Korra better than Avatar: The Last Airbender. Who’s to say? Either way, I want this!

Lin in the background, Suyin in the foreground

The Further Adventures Of Lin and Suyin Beifong, Preferably Together

One thing I really loved about The Legend of Korra was learning about the children (and grandchildren!) of the characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. And since Toph is my favorite character from both shows, I was deeply into the family drama between her daughters, Lin and Suyin Beifong. We saw a lot of tension between the half-sisters on The Legend of Korra, but I would love to see them after the events of Book 4. Will they get along now, or will there always be sibling rivalry?

Or, Avatar Studios could do a show with the two sisters before The Legend of Korra. In flashback scenes, we see Lin Beifong on the police force and how Suyin was a super rebellious teen who even accidentally caused Lin’s facial scars. I would love to see a show or movie that explores their upbringing. That would be fascinating!

Zhu Li in the foreground

A Story Arc Concerning President Zhu Li

I don’t know if this could be a whole show or movie, but in the comics, Zhu Li, who married Varrick at the end of Season 4, becomes the President of Republic City. This is in the Turf Wars comics. And in the follow-up comics, Ruins of the Empire, we see her really struggling at her job of keeping everything together. But what I love about all of this is that we don’t often get to see the politics of the world of Avatar. It’s kind of always in the background when all the other the exciting stuff is happening.

But I think politics can be exciting! In the right hands, anyway. And while I’m sure Avatar Studios will continue to be primarily focused on kids since it’s coming to Nickelodeon and Paramount+, I do think that there is definitely a slightly more mature audience for the “political adventures” of President Zhu Li that’s really just waiting to be tapped. Because, why not?


Mini Movies Of The Adventures Of Nuktuk: Hero Of The South

One thing I love about Disney+ is that they have these mini-movies (or shorts) for a lot of their characters. Go to the Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and Disney sections, and you’ll usually find minutes-long stories for a whole slew of characters. And that’s what I want to see for Bolin’s movie star character Nuktuk: Hero Of The South!

So, yeah, I’m not saying I want a full show about these “movers”, since I think that would wear out its welcome very quickly. But since I don’t know what the structure will be from Avatar Studios, I think it would be cool to have these little shorts every now and then of more stories in the world of Nuktuk: Hero of the South (with his animal companions, Roh-Tan and Juji, and his girlfriend, Ginger!)


Korrasami In Full Force

I mentioned in the Adult Versions of Korra’s Team Avatar section that I would love to see Korra’s and Asami’s relationship in the future as adults. But if I don’t get that (Which I probably won’t) then I would still love to see Korrasami play out in future adventures. We see a lot of that in the Turf Wars comics, where their relationship suffers its first little bump in the road, but I would love to see more interaction with the other characters as well.

As most fans know, back when the series ended in 2014, the showrunners had to be kind of vague about Korra and Asami actually being gay. But this is 2021 now, and even Disney is pushing for more LGBTQ representation. So, I don’t want to see anymore, are-they, aren’t-they a couple nonsense. (Which was never the showrunners’ fault to begin with.) Instead, if we do see Korra again from Avatar Studios, then I want to see Korrasami in FULL FORCE. Because best couple ever!

So, again, those are just a few of the possibilities I want to see in The Legend of Korra from Avatar Studios. In the meantime, I’m just going to watch the series all over again on the limited edition The Legend of Korra Steelbook Collection, which comes out on March 16th.

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