5 Reasons Why Disney+ Went From Being My Least Favorite Streaming Service To My Favorite Almost Overnight


If you were to ask me a month ago to rank the streaming services I currently have, I would say, #1. HBO Max (come on now, they have Studio Ghibli AND Godzilla on there), #2. Hulu (I need my Attack on Titan), #3. Netflix, and then finally, #4. Disney+. Now, granted, it’s not that I thought Disney+ sucked. It’s just that I didn’t think it really had anything to offer me besides The Mandalorian. But WandaVision changed all that. So much so, that I now consider Disney+ to be my FAVORITE streaming service. And yes, I know I’m super fickle.

But upon watching WandaVision, it got me thinking about everything Disney+ has to offer, and guess what, I get it now. I finally get it. You might be wondering if I have kids, since most parents live and breathe Disney+ these days, and yes, I do. Thanks for asking. But my kids somehow don’t like Disney+ and would rather just watch Hulu for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sonic Boom. So, really, I’m the only person in my household who watches Disney+, and that’s just fine because I really love it now. And I have 5 reasons why. Sing it with me. When you wish upon a streaming service…

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Every Now And Then, I Actually Love Star Wars

Disney+ has had Star Wars from day 1 with The Mandalorian, so this might not make much sense as to why I’m just loving Disney+ now, but let me explain. I'm usually not in the mood for Star Wars. I mean, if it's on TV, I'll watch it, and usually to the end. But sometimes, on super rare occasions, I LOVE Star Wars. Like, it's all I want to watch.

And that's the beauty with Disney+. If I'm ever in the mood for Star Wars, then it's all in one place. They have the cartoons, the old movies, the prequels, the sequels, I mean hell, the other day, I wanted Star Wars so badly that I even re-watched Solo: A Star Wars Story, and guess what. I loved it! You see? That’s how badly I wanted Star Wars in that very moment. I was head over heels for Solo, which most people would usually consider mid-tier Star Wars. So, oh, yes. The force is strong with this streaming service.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

The Future Slate For Marvel TV Shows Is Beyond Amazing

I actually subscribed to Disney+ on day 1 for Marvel, and this is beside the fact that I knew I wasn’t getting any of the Marvel TV shows for at least a year after launch. This might be part of the reason why I was so anti-Disney+ in the first place since the wait felt unbearable. But as I said in the intro, WandaVision changed all that. I mean, it’s my favorite thing out of the MCU ever, so I’m pretty much thinking that all is forgiven right about now.

But wait, there’s more! After waiting well over a year from Spider-Man: Far From Home to WandaVision, we’re actually getting the next entry in the MCU saga, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, in only a matter of weeks once WandaVision ends. And with Loki not even that far behind that with a May 2021 release date, I almost feel spoiled now. Plus, I’m still dreaming about that Moon Knight TV show. Seriously, Disney+. How did you become so amazing so fast?

Elizabeth Olsen

Their Weekly Episode Release Strategy

You know what I hate? The binge-watching culture. I know it’s pretty much par for the course these days, and some people won’t even watch WandaVision right now because they’d rather just wait until the season ends so they can watch it all in one sitting (Savages!). But I can’t stand it because it’s too just much work. One thing that has always bothered me about shows that drop all their episodes in one day is that you pretty much have to dedicate an entire weekend to watching a season once it comes out. If you don’t, then you won’t be a part of the conversation. And I don’t have time for that! When I finally got to watching The Witcher, people were already talking about The Queen’s Gambit. So, I didn’t even finish The Witcher because I was just like, what’s the point? Nobody cares about this show anymore, so why should I?

But that’s not the case with Disney+, which goes back to the old model of one episode per week. This makes me think back to Breaking Bad, which I liked before it was cool and everybody just watched it on Netflix. When it was still airing new episodes, I loved thinking all week about what could possibly happen the following week and I’d always be surprised and impressed with what the writers came up with instead. You don’t really get that break to imagine with binging. And Disney+ doesn’t let you binge, so now we’re all on the same page with WandaVision, and I love that. We can all speculate together!

Emilio Estevez

The New Disney Content Is Starting To Look Enticing, Too, Now

Do you remember what we got as far as new content was concerned when Disney+ was just launching? A live-action version of Lady and the Tramp. And that is not what I subscribed for. But with Hamilton now on the streaming service and The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers coming in March, I’m actually now super pumped for the new content from Disney.

And I’m even more pumped for what’s slated for the distant future. Something new from Willow? Hell yes! A new Moana series? You’re speaking my language! Sister Act 3? Get out of my dreams and onto my screen! Disney+, have I told you lately that I love you?

The Mandalorian

It's Still Cheaper Than Netflix and HBO Max, And Now Offers Better Value

And finally (and I don’t expect this price to stick), but Disney+ is currently only $6.99 per month for a subscription. Netflix is currently 8.99 for a BASIC plan (plus, I still pay to have DVDs shipped to my house because I’m a loser) and HBO Max is currently at a whopping $14.99 per month. Hulu is just $5.99 per month with ads, but I couldn’t see just having Hulu, so that’s like an additional fee.

So, while I am paying up the nose for for separate streaming services, if I really think about it, the only one I personally need is Disney+ now that I have my Mahvel, baby. And I guess I’d keep Hulu for the kids.

Out of all the streaming services, Disney+ just has the brightest future, and it’s now my favorite. But what about you? What streaming service do you love the most? Sound off in the poll or the comments section down below.

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