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Wesley Snipes Recalls Nearly Landing Role On Star Trek: The Next Generation

D'Urville Martin (Wesley Snipes) gives direction in Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Star Trek: The Next Generation's cast was iconic, so it's hard to imagine the bridge crew of the series could've looked any different than it did. With that said, the series just missed out on bagging a huge celebrity apparently, as Wesley Snipes recently confirmed he nearly landed the role of Geordi La Forge.

The actor shared the story of the audition with Collider and his feelings when he lost the role to LeVar Burton. Snipes also talked about why he ultimately isn't too hurt that he missed out on the role:

Yes, that is true. I think that was in the eighties. Yeah. And was disappointed that I didn't get it. Not as disappointed as I was not getting the role in the first Coming To America, but that actually turned out pretty good. Because I think if I had gotten the role that I would have been in television more than film, and maybe would have been never got a chance to do everything else I’ve done.

Wesley Snipes auditioned for Star Trek: The Next Generation in the '80s, and the series premiered in 1987 and ran all the way to 1994. In the span of that time, Snipes did lots of movies, some among his most notable like Major League, King of New York, New Jack City, and White Men Can't Jump. That's a hell of a run for iconic roles, so it's hard even to fathom who would've gotten those roles had Snipes been locked down on the set of TNG and unable to take them.

And yet, it's a reality the world almost lived in as Wesley Snipes confirmed the selection for Geordi La Forge came down to the wire. Snipes also gave LeVar Burton some love and credited the actor for all he brought to the Star Trek character.

Yes. That's how I remember it. Yeah. It was close. But yeah, a greater actor than I went on to make it famous. I applaud him, my friend, great and wonderful.

Wesley Snipes has not taken a role in Star Trek since then but, with so much happening with the franchise in television and movies, it's not too late. It would be great to see him have some role in an upcoming movie or show, maybe in a role bigger than Lt. Commander? Snipes would make an awesome captain of his own ship, or maybe there's some alien race that resembles vampires? They have full-blown planets based on prohibition-era mob movies, so I can't help but think it's not that big of a stretch.

All the Star Trek anyone could want is currently available to binge on Paramount+. Would you like to see Wesley Snipes join the world of Star Trek? Sound off on our poll as to whether you'd rather see it on television or film, and read up on which former The Next Generation actor hasn't had an interest in returning to the franchise.

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