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That Time Behind Her Eyes Star Eve Hewson Prank Called Justin Timberlake

Eve Hewson's adele talking to david in netflix's behind her eyes

If you're looking for a TV show that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you reach the point when the twists make you flip over backwards in gleeful disbelief, look no further than Netflix's thriller Behind Her Eyes, which stars Eve Hewson as a complex character in a pair of troubled relationships with her husband and the woman he cheated with. Hewson is brilliant with her Stepford Wives-esque performance, and Behind Her Eyes' streaming popularity has allowed her to revisit one of her earlier acting successes in the form of prank-calling Justin Timberlake.

As many of her longtime fans know, Eve Hewson is the daughter of legendary U2 frontman Bono (real name Paul Hewson), and it appears that being part of a famous family worked well for the actress. While appearing on a recent episode of the UK chat show This Morning, the Knick and Robin Hood star was asked to recall an incident from her younger days in which she and some friends nabbed Bono's celebrity-filled address book with some mischief in mind. In her words:

I like to take advantage of my circumstances sometimes. And yeah, when I was younger, I stole my dad’s address book. We tried to prank call a few people, but Justin Timberlake picked up, and we asked him trivia questions from the back of a cereal box. Yeah, it was one of the best moments of my life.

Props to Eve Hewson and her pals for even attempting to call Justin Timberlake with pranks on the brain, and that they were able to pull it off successfully without nervously laughing or having it all fall apart immediately. Clearly they were far more admirable as prankers than kids who just yelled curse words and insults as soon as someone picked up, and seemed more invested in keeping Timberlake on the line, as opposed to embarrassing him a la Bart Simpson's calls to Moe's.

Perhaps they didn't have to try too hard to keep him invested, though, as Eve Hewson hinted at Justin Timberlake being quite proficient when it comes to cereal box trivia. She continued, saying:

He was doing well, and I think that’s why he didn’t hang up or sort of question. He just kept answering. I don’t know what his need to win is. He must be a very competitive person. But I think he was charmed by us.

I'm guessing none of those trivia questions involved what part of the male anatomy is best suited for packaging, but it would be awesome to go back and hear that conversation as part of Netflix's own Prank Encounters or something along those lines. The ball has been in Timberlake's court for quite a while now as far as getting sweet, sweet revenge is concerned – something that Behind Her Eyes is keen on exploring in baffling ways – but no sign of such trivia-based vengeance has been seen just yet.

While Behind Her Eyes wasn't crafted as a multi-season series, as it was based on author Sarah Pinborough's novel of the same name, but Pinborough has quite a few other novels that would make for great adaptations on Netflix and other platforms and networks. And if someone wanted to cast Eve Hewson and Justin Timberlake as the stars of that adaptation, so be it.

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