The Boys' Laz Alonso Gave Showrunner The Perfect Revenge Gift For That Giant Penis Scene

the boys mother's milk drinking coffee

Anyone who agrees to take a starring role on Amazon's The Boys likely knows that just about anything is possible within this comic book-inspired world, from electric fight scenes to shapeshifter make-out sessions and everything in between. But Laz Alonso still found himself in strange waters while filming Season 2, particularly when his character Mother's Milk was being throttled by a giant penis. That scene definitely stood out in Alonso's mind as being something other than a highlight, and he vowed to get revenge on The Boys showrunner. Turns out he didn't have to wait for Season 3 to make that happen.

Eric Kripke took to social media this week to reveal the hilarious (and seemingly comfortable) way Laz Alonso got back at him for the penis-choking scene, which was originally meant to be that much more graphic. Check it out!

Beyond actually constructing his own ten-foot penis and making Eric Kripke film a Love Sausage-themed short film, this dick scarf is probably the most successful way Laz Alonso could have achieved his plans for vengeance. And definitely the classiest way, since there are a ton of other NSFW ideas that could have been utilized. (Much as I'd like to discuss those here, we'll move on.)

Understandably, Eric Kripke looks far calmer with that scarf wrapped around his neck than Laz Alonso did being choked by the makeshift dong on the show. Perhaps if the scarf was attached to an unconscious supe that was being experimented on by Vought and members of The Seven, it would be a different story. And I guess that story would be about someone whose body was part-scarf, which doesn't quite seem intense enough for a Boys storyline.

Being from the South, I'm generally not used to the weather getting consistently cold enough that it would be worth upping my scarf game. And I'm not 100% sure that repping giant genitalia would be the best way to start that collection. But if Amazon were to put this kind of product on sale for others hoping to celebrate the holiday season with The Boys, I would tape a bunch of quarter-rolls together end to end to pay for it. Which wouldn't be possible when buying something off of Amazon's website, I realize, but the joke still works.

Now the balls are in Eric Kripke's court as far as a potential counterstrike goes, and it may very well happen in the upcoming season. Kripke revealed during The Boys' New York Comic Con panel that conversations were being had about bringing the comic book supe back in Season 3, and that Season 2 may not be the last time fans get to see Mother's Milk and Love Sausage interact. Maybe the showrunner should expect to get some themed knee socks next Christmas.

The Boys will be absent from our lives for quite a while yet, with the payback-filled Season 3 hopefully coming in late 2021. Here's hoping it answers all the questions we have about the show's future. But until we know more, head to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule and our Winter and Spring 2021 TV rundown to see what new and returning shows will pop up on the small screen in the meantime.

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