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Avengers Star Robert Downey Jr. Had A Great Response After Getting Totally Slimed On Nickelodeon

robert downey jr.'s tony stark talking to captain america in avengers endgame

The power and magnitude of Robert Downey Jr.'s near-universal appeal cannot be underestimated, at least when it comes to mega-jawed aliens rocking stony gauntlets and underaged voters for awards shows. As a noteworthy example of that power, the now-former Avengers franchise star managed to take home the orange blimp for Favorite Movie Actor at the 2021 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, even though it's been more than a year since he actually popped up in a movie. Regardless of his big-screen absence during quarantine times, Downey earned himself a few dozen gallons of slime right to the face, and it was awesome.

Thankfully, Robert Downey Jr. didn't go into anal-retentive Tony Stark mode after having his Giorgio Armani suit blasted with tons of Nickelodeon's signature green slime. Rather, he was quite enthused about it all while sharing his thanks on Instagram, and even made an Avengers reference in the process. Check it out!

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One does have to wonder whether Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner would have preferred to turn into the Incredible Hulk through just getting slimed, as opposed to having his body bulk the hell out as it normally does. It's probably most cost-effective to wash slime out of a T-shirt and jeans than it is to replace those same clothes after they were ripped to shreds. It's slightly different when it comes to expensive suits, but Banner isn't exactly known for hitting up glitzy galas on the reg.

Robert Downey Jr. took home the Favorite Movie Actor based in large part on his recent legacy as the MCU's Iron Man, of course, with Avengers: Endgame serving as his final Tony Stark performance until Disney+'s animated series What If...? debuts. We obviously want him to return in Spider-Man: No Way Home and other projects, so hopefully that slime has mysterious movie-fate-changing properties that would allow such a thing. Especially when it gets mega-sprayed in someone's face like this.

Following his live-action MCU exit with Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr. made the jump to Universal Pictures for the kid-geared remake Dolittle. The talking-animal comedy was successful enough in a vacuum, but considered a flop by general standards, making $245 million worldwide on a whopper of a $175 million budget. It wasn't so well received by critics and viewers, either, but it clearly wasn't so bad that he missed the cut for the Kids' Choice Awards.

If you happened to miss the latest edition of Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, then go ahead and check out the full clip of Robert Downey Jr.'s slime-filled win below.

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Robert Downey Jr. will pop up next in Jamie Foxx's comedy All-Star Weekend, set to debut in 2021, and he'll also reprise the role of Tony Star in animated form for Disney+'s What If...?, which will premiere this summer.

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