Superman And Lois Just Dropped A Big Detail About Captain Luthor That Could Change Everything

Captain Luthor Superman And Lois The CW

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Superman & Lois episode "The Best Of Smallville." Read at your own risk!

For all the mysteries Superman & Lois have presented to viewers in Season 1, few have been as intriguing as Captain Luthor. The CW series has pieced out parts of the big bad's origin since the beginning, and with each revelation, there's been more explanation behind why he despises Superman so. With that said, none was as big as the latest reveal, which was that Captain Luthor was married to Lois Lane on his own Earth.

Captain Luthor, who we still don't know for sure is Lex because we haven't heard his first name, got bold in the latest Superman & Lois episode. He approached Lois Lane under the guise that he was a reporter for another outlet and asked about her heavily redacted article that was pushed out by Morgan Edge.

Later on, Luthor watched on as Lois sat with Clark on a park bench dedicated to Martha Kent and became enraged. When he returned to his A.I., he explained that Lois Lane acted exactly "like her." Superman & Lois viewers were then shown a flashback of Lois, and Captain Luthor locked in an embrace, in a scene that indicated the two were married. It seemed this memory preceded another one earlier in the season, in which Sam Lane saved Luthor from an evil Superman's heat vision.

Captain Luthor Lois Lane Superman and Lois The CW

The latest Superman & Lois reveal wasn't only interesting, but it was also significant to me for a couple of reasons. To start, if this Captain Luthor is someone like the Alexander Luthor character in DC Comics, Lois Lane would be his mother. That's not to say it's completely out of the question that the show rewrote Alexander's history, though I personally am leaning towards Captain Luthor being a Lex Luthor more than I was before.

The other big reveal is this is the second time Captain Luthor noted that someone he knew from his Earth acted the same as on this Earth. Given that, it's hard not to see why he believed and continues to believe that Superman is a huge threat, even if he isn't the Superman from his destroyed Earth. Sam and Lois seem to be the same. Wouldn't it track that Superman would be too?

Viewers, of course, know that Superman is all about truth, justice, and the American way and that, minus his Elseworlds stint, the Arrowverse Clark wouldn't break bad. For this reason, I want to believe Captain Luthor will ultimately see the light and maybe find common ground with Superman and become an ally. I'm an optimist, though, and as much as I'd love to see that happen, my odds are these two will throw down many more times until the other one is able to no longer.

Superman & Lois airs on The CW but won't return for new episodes until Tuesday, May 18. Do you think Captain Luthor will be the season's big bad-turned-ally? Or will he be a villain through and through? Share your thoughts in our poll below.

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