How Survivor’s Notorious Jonny Fairplay Reacted After Grandma Larceny Court Case Was Resolved

Survivor Jonny Fairplay
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True to form, Survivor alum Jonny Fairplay is once again elated at the expense of his grandma. Seventeen years ago, he notoriously faked his grandma's death for brownie points in the game and simultaneously helped create what we now recognize as the reality show villain. As of late, though, Fairplay has been faced with criminal larceny charges for allegedly stealing from that very same grandma. The court case is now resolved and Fairplay’s reaction doesn’t disappoint.

TMZ confirmed on Thursday with a Pittsylvania County court clerk that Jonny Fairplay and his mother's grand larceny cases were both dismissed. Fairplay reacted on his Twitter to the news breaking in his usual blasé, humorous manner that Survivor fans have come to know him for. His post shows him posing with a Stranger Things-inspired “Demogorgon Ready” pinball machine as a means to “celebrate” his court victory.

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Jonny Fairplay may be known in the Survivor world for pulling the wool over people's eyes, but in the real world, schemes and jokes can only get one so far. He was arrested three days before Christmas last year in Virginia after his aunt filed a criminal complaint against him. In the complaint, Fairplay was accused of stealing furniture and jewelry from his grandma, Jean Cook, without her knowledge or consent. Fairplay told TMZ, however, that the allegation stemmed from a “disgruntled family member” and the case was thrown out because of “insufficient evidence.” He went on to say,

[I’m] disappointed that this ever was allowed to happen and relieved that it is over.

The notorious player from Survivor: Pearl Islands didn't stop there, though. Jonny Fairplay also tweeted his victory from the social media rooftops with a pinned TMZ tweet proclaiming his “truth.” See his tweet below:

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It is good news for Jonny Fairplay that his criminal charges were dropped, but for Survivor fans, it's the bit that keeps on giving. His ruse on Survivor seemed to trickle into his reality, almost like a case of life imitating art. I'm sure I wasn't the only fan to have my hands on my head, thinking, no, it can't be that grandma…

The hilarity of Jonny Fairplay's dead grandma fake-out continues to echo in Survivor infamy. When EW asked about the notorious move recently, Jonny Fairplay reminisced,

I wanted to bring an outside element to the game and create the first reality villain. There had been ‘bad guys’ prior to me on reality TV, but they never sought out that personification. They claimed bad editing or creative storytelling. I embraced the role and reveled in it.

Ironic, isn't it, that the original heel of Survivor is now proclaiming that “the truth shall set you free!" about real life. Or perhaps it’s just a continuation of the ultimate bit. But I guess, all is fair in love and war and Jonny Fairplay. Here’s hoping Season 41 brings some of his much-needed tricks back into the game.

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