Jonny Fairplay's Wife Intentionally Runs Car Into His 'Dead' Grandmother's Vehicle

Remember Jonny Fairplay? He was the blonde-haired schemer on season seven of Survivor who tricked his fellow contestants with a few crocodile tears into thinking his beloved grandmother had passed away. Well, he married America's Next Top Model contestant Michelle Deighton. The relationship has since gone south, thanks in part to Fairplay's “dead” grandmother who is currently embroiled in a hit and fun fiasco perpetrated by her granddaughter in law Michelle Deighton.

According to TMZ, the vehicular madness happened earlier this month after the couple separated. Fairplay was out of town, but Deighton still showed up at the couple's former residence to try and get some things. That's when the crazy old woman, very much alive and madder than hell, showed up unannounced, blocked in Deighton's car and called the police. The model hopped in her own vehicle and tried to escape by trying to ram granny's car out of the way, but when that failed, she sped off through the yard.

When are people going to realize blocking someone in with your car is just asking to get plowed into? Hasn't anyone ever seen 10 Things I Hate About You? There's no word yet on whether anyone will end up in court or what the charges might be if they do, but we'll make sure to bring you the news when it becomes available.

If some sort of prize or threat against my life was involved, I'm fairly confident I could write out a list of every contestant who appeared on the first season of Survivor. Then again, if the same outcomes were at stake but the question changed to naming at least fifteen contestants who didn't appear on the debut installment, there is no way in hell I could possibly win. It's not that I didn't watch those cycles. I had the DVR set for quite a few of them, but after a certain point, most of the personalities just started blending together. Only the most outrageous still take up any of my memory space, none more so than season seven's Jonny Fairplay. This story is a good indication why.

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