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Alex Trebek’s Son Reveals The Sweet Item He Keeps To Remember His Father

As a game show host, Alex Trebek was known for certain trademarks. His decision to shave his signature mustache in the 2000s was a shocking moment for many Jeopardy! fans, but the host always kept his sharp array of suits and ties. Recently, Trebek's family decided to donate his wardrobe following his passing. But as it so happens, before the clothes were sent off, Trebek’s son actually kept a sweet item to remember his father.

Aside from his clothes and mustache, Alex Trebek was also known for his exceptional generosity, so his family’s decision to donate his wardrobe isn't surprising in the least. But donating a loved one’s clothes can be hard and family and friends may still feel compelled to do hold onto something, and Trebek’s son, Matt, revealed to Entertainment Tonight what he decided to keep:

I kept a tie that my mom had given my dad. As far as clothing goes, that was probably the most important item. Almost everything from Jeopardy! went to The Doe Fund, and now we just have his closet at home here. We'll still sort through those [items], but for right now, those are kind of staying put.

Matt Trebek’s reason for keeping the tie speaks to his warm bond with his father. By donating his wardrobe, Alex Trebek’s family was able to do two things at once. They can move through the grieving process and provide something vital for those in need. In this case, Trebek’s son donated his wardrobe to the Doe Fund to benefit the homeless and formerly incarcerated. The younger Trebek actually worked with the Jeopardy! to make it all happen and. as he mentioned, they're actually still sorting through Trebek's wardrobe for more donations. It’s nice to know that the late Jeopardy! host’s influence continues to live on in through those who knew him best.

While Alex Trebek’s son used charity to remember his father, others have remembered the game show host in other fitting ways. Recently, Trebek’s cancer announcement anniversary circled back around with his daughter making a sweet Instagram post to pay tribute to him. She also used the opportunity to spotlight the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and the work it's doing. Even Jeopardy! champ James Holzhauer commemorated the moment by sharing when he learned about the host’s cancer diagnosis. While the public still feels Trebek's loss, the tributes to him and the support given to his family have definitely been moving to see.

When we lose someone, we lose their physical presence, yet we still hold onto the memories linked to that person, and those memories will continue to live on for many years to come. Alex Trebek's family is sure to know this and, hopefully memories will provide them comfort during this time and moving forward.

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