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New Star Wars: The Bad Batch Trailer Gives Us Best Look Yet At Ming-Na Wen's Mandalorian Character

We're only a few days away from May the Fourth, that unofficially official day where Star Wars fans celebrate all things from the galaxy, far, far away. This year that day is going to be quite special for fans who also subscribe to Disney+ as a lot of Star Wars content is being added to the streaming service. One of those new pieces of content is the first episode of The Bad Batch, the new animated series that spun off from The Clone Wars. A new trailer just dropped that gives us a little taste of what to expect from the series, including the best look yet at the animated version of Fennec Shand, the sniper character from The Mandalorian played by Ming-Na Wen.

If you check out the trailer above you'll get to both see and hear Fennec Shand, and while it's unclear just where she fits into all the action, she looks to be a significant part of the trailer, and is likely therefore a significant part of at least the first episode, which will be released on May 4. And it's going to be extra special for fans as Disney has announced the premiere will be 70 minutes long.

The Bad Batch was first introduced in a series of episodes of the final season of The Clone Wars. They're a collection of clones that didn't quite fit the mold of standard clone soldiers, that were often sent on special missions that fit their unique skills. The new series will see what happens to them in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. We see in the trailer that they are being hunted by the new Empire, which would seem to indicate that they're not just your average Stormtroopers.

The addition of Fennec Shand should certainly make things interesting here. Her character in The Mandalorian is a professional assassin with incredible skills as a sniper. Considering that The Bad Batch will take place decades prior, we know that the Fennec we see here will be much younger, and be much earlier in her career. We'll get to see how she became the person that we meet in The Mandalorian who now sits at the right hand of Boba Fett.

The Bad Batch looks like a lot of fun.The animated side of the Star Wars universe, the fiefdom of Dave Filoni, has been remarkably solid between The Clone Wars and Rebels and there's every reason to believe that The Bad Batch is going to be another great addition. If nothing else, this trailer is remarkable for what it doesn't contain. Since this is set after the prequel trilogy, there are no Jedi on display. This will be a story that might be entirely devoid of talk about the Force and could actually contain zero lightsabers.

Dirk Libbey

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