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When This Is Us Returns To NBC With A Challenging New Episode

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This Is Us is taking the week off and not airing a new episode on March 30, but fans won't have too terribly long to wait for the next episode, which is going to come with challenges on multiple fronts. As usual, the episode is poised to feature stories set in different points in the Pearson family timeline, but it also sounds like it will move the story in some new directions for more than one character.

The next episode of This Is Us is called "Both Things Can Be True" and will air on NBC on Tuesday, April 6 at 9 p.m. ET between early NBC's hour of comedy and a new installment of New Amsterdam. As for what "Both Things Can Be True" will be about, there are actually two sources for clues on what to expect. First, the episode description reveals three of the stories that will be told:

Jack and Miguel bond. Kevin and Madison navigate challenges. Randall seeks out a new kind of support network.

Jack and Miguel bonding will obviously take place in the past, and it's safe to say that Kevin and Madison navigating challenges will be taking place in the present, considering a pair of newborn twins could deliver challenges for anybody. Randall's story could take place at pretty much any point, but my guess is that his search for a new support network will also take place in the present.

I'm actually basing my suspicion about Randall's story in "Both Things Can Be True" on the promo for the April 6 episode, which reveals a fourth storyline that wasn't teased at all in the episode description. Randall barely appears in the promo, but Tess and Beth are at the center of it. Take a look:

The promo indicates that Tess hanging out with Alex will start out well enough, but Beth will intrude – or, at least, Tess will interpret it as Beth intruding whether or not that's her real intention – in a way that drives a wedge between mother and daughter. Mother/daughter drama is definitely not something new for This Is Us, although most of it hasn't happened between a mom and a teen in the present timeline.

Will this be a new kind of conflict between mother and daughter, or more of what we've seen before just between different characters? The multi-layered flash-forwards haven't yielded enough clues to guess how exactly this conflict will go down in "Both Things Can Be True," so fans should be sure to check it out. The next new episode will hit the airwaves on NBC on April 6, and the show will go at least another couple of weeks without any reruns.

This Is Us has had something of an unpredictable schedule throughout the 2020-2021 TV season due to production complications, but hopefully the show will be able to continue without any more bumps in the road to reveal the latest layers of the extended Pearson family drama.

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