Amanda Kloots Remembers Blue Bloods Star Husband Nick Cordero One Year After Entering Hospital With Covid

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Tons of lives have been (and continue to be) affected by the pandemic, but few people shared their direct struggles with the virus as openly and emotionally as Amanda Kloots did while her husband, Blue Bloods and Broadway actor Nick Cordero, tried to fight COVID-19 in 2020. Kloots let us into her thoughts, and shared her fears, hopes and many trials as Cordero underwent treatment and eventually succumbed to the virus in early July. Now, Kloots is remembering Cordero one year after he entered the hospital.

Obviously, we've seen an unfortunate number of people contract the virus, and a terrible number succumb to complications from it, but the battle which was fought by Nick Cordero and his wife, new co-host for The Talk, Amanda Kloots, was one which many people followed and shared positive wishes for last year. Cordero was diagnosed and admitted to the hospital in March 2020, and Kloots took to her Instagram Stories recently to remember her late husband a year after she first took him to the hospital.

Amanda Kloots shared not only a brief, lovely message about how Nick Cordero's battle with the virus began and ended, but a heartfelt warning to all about the seriousness of what it can do to those who become infected. She also offered a stern, but gentle, reminder that we are not at the end of this dangerous journey yet, and we all still have a large and important part to play in making sure that we get this health crisis under control.

As those who followed along with Amanda Kloots many Instagram posts during her husband's hospitalization will likely know, things were far from simple for him once he was diagnosed, as the many complications which arose added to the seriousness of his condition greatly. Nick Cordero was quickly put on oxygen while unconscious and admitted to the ICU, and soon had to be put into a medically induced coma, in addition to being put on dialysis to help his kidneys function.

Cordero also had to have his right leg amputated because of blood flow issues, as well as needing a temporary pacemaker and a feeding tube, among many other procedures during his time in the hospital. While he did eventually test negative for he virus and wake from the coma, he was, in the end, too weak to survive his battle.

Despite many setbacks, Amanda Kloots remained strong and continued to stay hopeful through it all for herself, Nick Cordero and their young son. She is, almost certainly, still grieving her loss, but has begun to move forward in her life with the same openness and determination which likely helped to give her husband hope as he tried to fight his condition. So, it's no surprise that she would post a very public message about her own struggle on such an important date for her, in an effort to continue to inspire others with this tribute.

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