When The Masked Singer’s Grandpa Monster Knew He Wasn’t Going To Win Season 5

Grandpa Monster on The Masked Singer

Spoiler alert: for anyone who hasn’t seen this week’s episode of The Masked Singer, Grandpa Monster’s identity will be revealed in this article.

It’s not an understatement to say Season 5 of The Masked Singer has been full of surprises so far. Muppets ringleader Kermit the Frog, Olympian legend Kaitlyn Jenner and actor Danny Trejo have all been unmasked this season. But the competition is getting fierce amongst the competitors as Group B entered the wildcard round. Like every week, someone had to be eliminated, and like every week, the reveal caught everyone off guard. Unfortunately, it was the Grandpa Monster’s turn to go home.

This week was no different from last week as The Masked Singer judges made their final guesses with Nicole Scherzinger being the closest with her answer. As the audience, judges and host Niecy Nash anticipated the reveal, Grandpa Monster’s head came off to reveal YouTuber and boxer Logan Paul. After his reveal, Paul was grateful for the moment while teasing Scherzinger for mistaking him for his brother Jake. After his elimination, the artist formerly known as Grandpa Monster told Entertainment Tonight how he knew he wasn’t going to win:

I had to because I'm not a singer. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm competing against actual singers! Which I didn't know. I go in one morning and Black Swan is the trailer next to me, and I hear her warming up and I knew. 'I'm screwed.' I never stood a chance… She really cares. And I'm in [the trailer] like eating Cheetos on the sofa, crying that I can't sing.

YouTube star Logan Paul unmasked on The Masked Singer

It was refreshing to hear Logan Paul being honest about his limitations as a singer. Even Paul admitted that he didn’t take the competition as seriously as other competitors such as Black Swan. It was ironic that his elimination came as he began taking the competition seriously.

Despite Logan Paul giving a good final performance, it was only a matter of time before he left The Masked Singer. The performances by Black Swan, Crab and Piglet put his performance to shame as they have proven to be top-notch performers. Their performances already have the wheels of my mind turning about who they might be. So, the YouTuber was out of his league in the singing competition.

Even though this shouldn’t be a factor, Logan Paul’s controversial YouTube past would’ve probably brought some backlash to The Masked Singer if he made it to the finals. His antics – both on and off YouTube – make him a polarizing figure on the internet. That clashes with the show’s family-friendly angle. Plus, some more capable contestants deserve to have their moment in the spotlight. As the weeks move forward, there will be more contestants falling by the wayside. With that in mind, Paul, at least, had a fun experience on the show despite being eliminated.

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