After An Incredible Number Of Days In Production, The Witcher Season 2 Has Wrapped

Oh boy, is it ever time to celebrate for fans of The Witcher! Season 1 of the fantasy hit debuted on Netflix in December 2019, and we all thought that we'd be able to see Season 2 in about a year, but life had other plans. Now, we're well over a year past when we should have been able to binge the next adventures of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer. But, after an incredible number of days in production, and some serious delays, The Witcher Season 2 has finally wrapped filming!

The Henry Cavill-starring series made a big splash when it premiered, and while some aspects of The Witcher Season 1 were confusing for viewers, the overall response was terrific. This means that fans have been hanging on to every possible update and rumor as we waited for Season 2, and now that production has finished, we should finally be able to find out even more about what the new season will bring. First, let's celebrate with this announcement from showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, which details some of what the cast and crew went through to film for over a year. Take a look!

Just like Geralt, the cast and crew of The Witcher stays the course and gets the job done no matter what, y'all! I don't know about you, but I'm tossing all my coins to everyone right now, not just our favorite Witcher.

As you might recall, and as Schmidt Hissrich points out in the above video, The Witcher began filming Season 2 in early 2020, and the obvious plan was for us to be able to pick up with the tale of Witcher Geralt, sorceress Yennefer, and exiled princess Ciri as they travel the Continent and fight monsters, human or otherwise, by the end of that year. But, like every other production, they had to shut down for several months. Even though that allowed for a bit of extra time to cast a number of awesome new characters for Season 2, it was still difficult for everyone involved to have things on hold.

It's clear from the video that Henry Cavill, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, and all of the other cast and crew members are thrilled to have finally been able to finish production. As she said in the video, they went through a lot to try and make sure The Witcher Season 2 wouldn't see any more extended delays. All productions had to film under stricter safety protocols once they began again, and this series was no different, but they also sometimes had three separate units filming at once, meaning that even more could be filmed in a shorter amount of time.

They also had a massive crew of over 1,200 people to help pull things together for 89 cast members, some of whom we'll be seeing for the first time in Season 2, as the story and on-screen world of The Witcher expands. Part of the reason fans are so eager to see what will happen next, is that the end of the first season finally saw the three timelines converge as Yenn fought at the Battle of Sodden Hill, and Geralt and Ciri were able to find one another after attempting to do so for much of he season.

Now, we can look forward to watching how Geralt handles caring for and training his gifted Child of Surprise, and how he and Yenn come together again after her time on the battlefield.

The Witcher Season 2 is expected to debut on the streamer at some point this year, but until we have a set premiere date, you can refresh your memories of the first season by looking over a full explanation of the timeline, take a gander at all the upcoming Witcher shows, movies, and more, and see what's coming to Netflix in April!

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