Chicago Fire Stars Share The Storylines They Want To Revisit After 9 Years


Chicago Fire is responsible for launching a brand new corner of the Dick Wolf universe back in 2012, and the series is going strong in Season 9 with still more seasons to come. Fire has also managed to hold on to many of the major cast members from the very first season, including David Eigenberg and Eamonn Walker, who play Hermann and Boden, respectively. With Season 9 featuring callbacks to years gone by ranging from the ambulance door with Shay's name on it to Casey's serious head injury, the two stars shared storylines they want Fire to revisit.

David Eigenberg and Eamonn Walker spoke with CinemaBlend and other outlets recently about all things Chicago Fire, and their picks for stories to revisit might surprise you. Eigenberg went for a blast all the way to the Season 3 past with his pick, saying:

There's always been loose ends that have always floated in the show. I was always curious, when Christian Stolte's character, Mouch, met his daughter that he didn't know. He had been a donor for the daughter, and he had never met her. And then they had this very sweet kind of thing. And then we never kind of went back to it. And I always was like, I would like to see that to see what happened with that because Mouch is a really interesting character. So hopefully, someday they'll tap back in that.

Back in Season 3, Chicago Fire delivered a bombshell reveal that Mouch was the father of a daughter named Lizzie, and it was as much news to him as it was to viewers. Lizzie, played by actress Corinne Anderson, only appeared on Chicago Fire once, making the storyline about Mouch as a dad end just about as quickly as it began. And according to David Eigenberg, revisiting Mouch and his daughter could be an interesting twist to tap back into. Hey, maybe Amy Morton's Trudy could turn up as part of the deal too!

David Eigenberg also revealed that he "would love to revisit" Herrmann's family, as they haven't been around like in seasons past due to the limitations of production on Season 9. As for Eamonn Walker, his choice of a storyline that he'd like to see Chicago Fire revisit isn't a blast quite so far into the past as Eigenberg's desire to see Fire check back in with Mouch's daughter. Walker explained:

I'll go to a place using Christian [Stolte] again, because the episode when Christian had his moment of showing off in front of those young firefighters, what it brought up was a really interesting feel for Boden and Mouch to have together, and it made me realize that Boden and Mouch over the nine years haven't had that many moments. And it was such a poignant moment that it made me want more of that, you know? Because we work really well together. And you know, David and I, you've seen us together and you can see the warmth and the chemistry that we have. And that's naturally there, it was always there. And it's always used but the Christian and I hasn't been used that much, not just us together... I would like to explore that more. So I don't know if that's a callback, but pushing forward.

It was recently in Season 9 that what initially seemed to be a lighthearted plot of Mouch showing off his veteran firefighter tricks turned into something much more poignant that brought him and Boden to an understanding as two of the people at Firehouse 51 who have been on the job at CFD longer than most. Fire does still like to mix up the dynamics within the cast from time to time, as proven by the epic bottle episode this season that saw Herrmann paired with Cruz for nearly the entire hour, and of course with Mouch and Boden.

While there is no saying if David Eigenberg and Eamonn Walker will get their wishes for Chicago Fire to revisit these elements, the ninth season isn't over yet. In fact, the stage is set for what could be some game-changing episodes. Fire recently said goodbye to another member of the Firehouse 51 team, although Mackie fortunately didn't go the way of Shay way back when or Otis more recently.˜Another character returned to take Mackie's place, and there is of course the question of Casey's future on Fire now that he sustained a second head trauma.

See what happens next with new episodes of Chicago Fire on NBC Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET, between Chicago Med at 8 p.m. ET and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET. You can also revisit Fire days gone by with the earlier seasons of the series streaming on Peacock now. The show is guaranteed at least another two seasons after the end of the current Season 9, so a refresher never hurts!

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