Anthony Mackie And Sebastian Stan Talk Best Falcon And The Winter Soldiers, And Aww Yeah, One's Coming Up

Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) are unimpressed (2021)

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Spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 -- “Power Broker” -- lie ahead.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is moving right along, as viewers are now halfway through Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes’ latest adventure. The show has given audiences plenty of thrills (and poignant moments) thus far, and there’s surely a lot more to come. One of the ways the show manages to keep fans hooked is through its fantastic cliffhangers and, recently, co-leads Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan discussed their favorites and even teased one to come.

Cliffhangers are pretty bittersweet in the sense that they allow the writers to add something exciting to the end of every installment but also leaves us viewers starving for a resolution. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is no different, and its stars seem to be enjoying them. Anthony Mackie recently talked about the episode that contains his favorite cliffhanger:

I think the ending of Episode 2 is pretty kickass. It’s probably one of the best cliffhangers I’ve been a part of. It’s a badass shock. It’s pretty badass.

Episode 2, “The Star-Spangled Man” notably ended with Sam and Bucky resolving to work together to hunt down the Flag-Smashers, right before Bucky shockingly suggested that they should seek out the incarcerated Zemo for help. The ending was definitely solid but, during their interviews with MTV Asia, Sebastian Stan teased that something even bigger is coming very soon:

We have our own sort of like, moment, that we end on that kind of keeps you going about what’s gonna come next. But I would say Episode 4 is probably the very strong one.

So it looks like this week’s episode is going to give fans something pretty surprising. And that’s saying a lot, considering the way the third episode ended.

“Power Broker” concluded with Sam, Bucky and Zemo arriving in Latvia in search of Karli Morgenthau. Once they arrive, Bucky notices Wakandan tracking devices that lead him to Dora Milaje member Ayo, who has come to take Zemo. It was an unexpected development, to say the least and one that should make this upcoming fourth episode very interesting.

Based on Sebastian Stan’s tease, one would imagine that things are really going to heat up this week. Ayo’s hunt for Zemo will likely throw a wrench in the group’s plans and it could play into the cliffhanger Stan teased. There’s no telling what Ayo might do for her country, which is probably still upset about Zemo murdering King T’Chaka in Captain America: Civil War. You can revisit that film (which features Black Panther’s debut) by streaming it on Disney+, which you can sign up for using this link.

With three episodes left, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier still has more than a few plot threads to resolve, and the wait is tough, especially when episodes end with cliffhangers. Fans can only hope the show will be able to wrap things up in a nice bow by the time it concludes.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier drops new episodes on Disney+ every Friday at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT.

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