How Fear The Walking Dead Is Handling John And June When Season 6 Returns, According To Jenna Elfman

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 last left viewers dangling before the AMC series could air Episode 608 as its intended midseason finale, as the cast and crew were in the midst of filming it when everything shut down due to the pandemic. Thankfully, the zombie drama returns soon to clue fans in on where things are heading for Lennie James' Morgan, Colman Domingo's Strand, Alycia Debnam-Carter's Alicia and the other survivors. And for fans like me who are definitely wondering what's up with the now-estranged Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman's John and June Dorie, the actress shed a little light (or darkness) on the matter.

Jenna Elfman and the majority of her Fear the Walking Dead co-stars spoke with CinemaBlend and other press outlets ahead of Season 6B kicking off on AMC, and here's what she had to say when I asked her to tease what fans can expect from John and June in the back half of the season. In her words:

How do I articulate it? I think we're just gonna be more informed about... What I love about this season – it started with Morgan in Episode 1, and we see how hard it is for John in Episode 4 – where we have to say that you can't just stay the same and go through the changes of the apocalypse and just stay the same or keep your same ideals. Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reasons, kind of, and make those changes. Morgan started killing again, and John was trying to maintain this kind of philosophy and he refused to make an adjustment. It was too overwhelming for him; no one was playing along. He couldn't find any leverage anywhere to try to gain cooperation or be able to bring order to this confusing situation that he was encountering. And I think we're going to see more of those ramifications and changes, and who can change in response to what needs to be done, and who can't, and why and how. I think the exploration of change in response to how to handle the environment around you is going to be very informative moving forward.

So there are obviously a few things to break out of that answer. For one, Jenna Elfman almost always delivers a master class in how to discuss Fear the Walking Dead's core themes and character values, and she consistently sounds authentic and off-the-cuff, as opposed to some of the static, pre-planned answers that actors and creatives can sometimes deliver for spoiler-heavy TV shows. But for as informative as this answer was on a psychological micro level, it sort of drove a wide curve around the point at hand on the macro scale.

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The second thing to take away from Jenna Elfman's insight is that not only did she dodge talking about June and John as a single entity, she didn't even talk about her own character at all. So what does THAT mean? The obvious go-to guess is that June or John is going to get killed off at some point in the next nine episodes. Considering Elfman doesn't talk about June at all, does that make her the more likely victim?

Of course, when viewed from another angle, it's possible that Jenna Elfman was roundabout referring to an outcome where John and June don't reunite for the rest of the season, with one or both choosing to permanently leave the group. If anyone would, it'd definitely be John, considering June's refusal to leave Virginia's settlement is what sent him out on his own in the first place. Granted, we know Garret Dillahunt's John will be around in Fear the Walking Dead's upcoming episodes, as he was seen in the trailer getting both friendly and not-so-friendly with Lennie James' Morgan. Will Morgan be able to make John change his tune?

The most optimistic interpretation of Jenna Elfman's words would be that Episode 608 immediately starts up with John and June meeting back up and spending the entire episode smooching and hugging and being all-around sweet and adorable. So that she wouldn't have anything to really talk about that wouldn't automatically spoil the goods. Granted, one should never expect the most optimistic interpretation of anything in the Dead universe, but still we trudge on just the same.

Check out the latest preview video below for the back half of Fear the Walking Dead.

Hopefully with more long-missing characters returning to the fray, Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC for more Season 6 episodes on Sunday, April 11, at 9:00 p.m.

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