Bones' Emily Deschanel Is Joining Nathan Fillion's The Rookie For An Important Role

emily deschanel's Temperance Brennan in bones' final season

TV shows used to be able to regularly give audiences big and unexpected surprises during previews for upcoming episodes, though it's harder to make that happen now in the age of the Internet. Yet ABC's The Rookie wowed fans in just such a way by revealing in a new promo that Bones vet Emily Deschanel will appear in at least one episode when the crime drama returns after a brief hiatus. And she's taking on quite the important role opposite star Nathan Fillion, too.

The episode set to air on Sunday, May 2 - titled "Brave Heart" - will introduce Emily Deschanel as John Nolan's ex-wife Sarah, who has been referred to but never seen on the ABC drama. While some fans may have visions of delightfully dysfunctional situations making life bananas for John and Sarah upon reuniting, the episode makes it look like Sarah's return will be steeped in parental stress, without very much levity being teased in the episode preview.

The reason why Emily Deschanel's Sarah (Nolan?) will make her way back to John's life is tied to their adult son Henry, as portrayed by Zayne Emory. As the April 18 episode "New Blood" came to a close, Henry's visit to L.A. took a terrifying turn as he passed out for unknown reasons, and was then brought to the hospital. In the promo for the upcoming episode, it looks like Henry's situation will understandably be the main hook, as emotionally discomforting as that may be. Check it out below!

Have some faith, Sarah! I mean, damn. The trailer kinda does Emily Deschanel's character dirty by having her first lines play up the possibility that Henry will inspire more depressing news, making it the worst day of Sarah and John's lives. I guess she didn't take the "glass is half full" angle whenever the couple was still together all those years ago.

In any case, everyone is hoping for the same thing going into this episode: for Henry to make it through whatever health situation is plaguing him. Especially after the preview totally showed him coding as everyone in the room starts to panic. Now, I seriously doubt they're going to kill Henry off after showing viewers just how bad things will get. But that doesn't mean whatever he's suffering from won't have a lasting impact on his life.

Is it weird to think that the best case scenario for this situation would be for Henry to make it through without permanent issues, but with just enough temporary issues to keep Emily Deschanel's Sarah around for a few episodes going into the end of Season 3. If the writers would find a way to expand her story into Season 4 and beyond, we're all the better for it. Especially if it eventually leads to Bones vet and SEAL Team star David Boreanaz joining the fun down the line at some point.

Regardless of how long she actually does get to stick around on The Rookie, Emily Deschanel is always welcome on our TVs. Following Bones' twelve-season run on Fox, which ended quite emotionally in 2017, the actress has popped up on the small screen only a handful of times. Her most noteworthy follow-up gig was a recurring role on TNT's Animal Kingdom in Season 4, while she's also made appearances on The Simpsons, Drunk History and Carpool Karaoke.

While Season 3 has certainly set John up with one tense situation after another, both in the line of duty and in the precinct, this has also been a season of pretty awesome guest stars even before Emily Deschanel came up. Fans loved the latest Castle reunion, and seeing Frankie Muniz return to TV for a fun serial killer-infused episode.

Like many other network shows these days, The Rookie's primetime schedule has been peppered with mini-hiatuses partially due to the COVID pandemic screwing with filming schedules. But be sure to tune into the next new episode on Sunday, May 2, to see how much chemistry Emily Deschanel and Nathan Fillion bring to the table.

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