The Most Emotional Scene From Bones' Finale, According To Emily Deschanel

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Spoilers below for fans who haven't yet watched Bones' series finale.

Last night marked the end of an era of sorts, as Fox's long-running drama Bones bid fans a final farewell from Washington D.C. The series finale, titled "The End in The End," was filled to the brim with big moments and thankfully capped everything off on a happy note, rather than something depressing that would sour viewers' memories. But that doesn't mean happiness was the only strong feeling involved in making the episode, and star Emily Deschanel shared what her most emotional moment was.

The scene where I had to talk to all the interns. Not only was I going around to each one and reminiscing with them [as Brennan], but it was my last scene with all of these actors who I've worked with over the [12] years. I did not want to be super emotional for that scene, but it was so hard not to just bawl.

You gotta love how everyone is still just an intern to Emily Deschanel. (I like to think Brennan constantly tries to get Booth to do menial intern-ish tasks, too.) To the actress' credit, she pulled off that scene and others with flying colors, and it didn't necessarily appear as if she was about to collapse into a giant puddle of salty, nostalgia-ridden tears. Which is good, since it wouldn't have made the most sense for the boss to fall victim to wispy sadness all of a sudden like that. But the lab did blow up, and she did temporarily lose her memory about all things bone-related, so it's not like her coworkerss would have judged her.

Lots of reminiscing happened in the episode, particularly because Team Bones was having to pack up everything that survived the lab blast. It was a shock for viewers to see this extremely familiar TV setting at such a point of disrepair, and that reaction was not exclusive to those on the other side of the screen. Emily Deschanel also shared with TVLine how performing within the ruins wasn't the best feeling.

It affected us more than you would think. It was emotional. It was a gut punch and a sobering reality check because it acknowledged that this thing was ending. It was also disturbing. The art department did such an amazing job of destroying the lab, but it was a very unwelcoming space to work.

And end it did, with Brennan and Booth gabbing goofily as they walked among the D.C. landmarks. Even though Bones concluded in such a way that an eventual return or reunion would be easy to conceive, we probably still shouldn't expect one, since David Boreanaz is not exactly into such things. In fact, while that actor has already signed on for a new CBS project, Emily Deschanel is not so willing, saying that she is still in a mindset where she needs to sit back and properly grieve over the show being gone.

Though reruns may air on Fox, Bones will no longer be around to give fans new cases and new killers to fret over. Luckily, there are plenty of other networks and series debuting and returning in the near future, and you can find them all with our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV guide.

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