Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott Jokes About He And Drew Looking Alike, But Here’s How Their Mom Tells Them Apart

Welcome to April, a month that boast showers, Easter (for those who celebrate) and, of course, National Sibling and National Look-Alike Day. The famous Property Brothers stars actually get to celebrate both in April, and this year they shared a post to celebrate the holiday, with Jonathan Scott joking about how he and Drew are often “told [they] look alike.” Of course they do, and even their mother had to come to a unique way of telling the two apart.

The two Property Brothers stars aren’t just regular siblings, course. They are actually twins of the identical variety, so National Look-Alike Day really is the holiday for them. In fact, Jonathan is the older twin by four minutes and they’ve actually been open in the past about their mother not realizing she was having twins until the second baby, Drew, popped right out. So, with all that in mind, of course Jonathan’s comment about the two looking alike is pretty amusing, though having different facial hair these days I'm sure certainly helps.

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Through much of their lives, it’s been difficult for some to tell the two twins apart (I'm sure that's been particularly true during the times they lived together). Luckily, there is a hint for those who are really paying attention while watching the two brothers’ HGTV series.

Speaking to Glamour some time ago, Jonathan and Drew admitted that the key to telling them apart, particularly over the phone, is by their vocabulary. Much to Drew’s chagrin, apparently it’s Jonathan who comes off as more educated or at least exacting over the phone:

Jonathan: She said I use bigger words.Drew: I've been seeking therapy ever since.

So, there you have it. If ever you are in a situation where both brothers are sporting similar facial hair and neither of them has a significant other on their arms -- Jonathan Scott currently dates Zooey Deschanel and Drew Scott is married to Linda Pham -- there is one other way to tell them apart. Now, I feel like I’m going to be scouring old episodes of Property Brothers for these vocabulary clues. And speaking of those significant others, I wonder if their personalities and vocabulary are enough for their significant others to totally tell them apart? These are the things that keep me up at night.

In the past, the two brothers have spoken out about what it's like to work with family and how they take a "no b.s." approach to the job. It's an approach that seems to be paying off given the success the two brothers have had over at HGTV.

Speaking of Jonathan and Drew Scott, the two brothers have a whole range of shows, from the original Property Brothers to spinoffs including the popular Celebrity IOU, aka the one Zooey Deschanel and Brad Pitt showed up on, oft-running on HGTV. We'll let you know when new episodes are heading down the pipeline, but meanwhile, one of those spinoffs Property Brothers: Forever Home recently hopped to Discovery+.

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