How Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott Says They Work Together With 'No B.S.'

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Home renovation experts Jonathan and Drew Scott came to fame as the hosts and design duo behind the HGTV hit Property Brothers, which debuted a decade ago. In the time since then, the siblings have helped many dozens of couples find their dream home during 13 seasons of their flagship series, launched successful spinoffs like Brother Vs. Brother, Property Brothers: At Home, and Celebrity IOU, and also started a collection of home goods. Now, Jonathan Scott is revealing how he and his brother manage to work together with a "no b.s." approach.

The careers of twins Jonathan and Drew Scott took off when their immensely popular series, Property Brothers, hit HGTV in early 2011. The brothers have been able to turn that success into tons of other opportunities, both on television and off, and have seemed to have a wonderful working relationship without much sibling rivalry along the way. Jonathan Scott recently spoke with WGN Radio, and when asked how he and his brother have managed to keep working together for so long, said:

Well, people say you can't work with family, and we've been proving that wrong since we started our first business together at 7. For us, we have a no b.s. policy. If there is something that's bothering us, we get it out now so that it doesn't fester into something larger than it has to be, and that's just always worked for us. We have our disagreements, we do have our arguments, but we also recognize each other's strengths and weaknesses, and it just works.

According to Jonathan Scott, part of the magic between him and his brother Drew comes from the fact that they've been working together for nearly their whole lives (the two began working as clowns when they were children), but it's also due to the fact that they learned quickly how to keep it real with one another while going about their professional endeavors.

A lot of people who find themselves working with family or close friends would probably find it rather easy to either gloss over issues or try ignoring them completely in an effort to keep the peace, but the Scott brothers have taken a path which is more difficult up front in order to avoid bigger problems down the road. The two address disagreements as needed, which has helped them keep the brotherly love flowing in their work lives.

Scott also noted that they're very adept at being able to pinpoint the other's strengths and weaknesses, and this is likely a skill that helps to suss out potential problems before they even come up as they go about reworking homes for their clients. But, the Property Brother also noted another factor that has helped them keep their professional lives moving along:

The fact that we don't take ourselves too seriously, I think, is important. We always try to find a way to have fun...We laugh all day, and I'm amazed we get any work done. I think that energy kinda comes through on screen. It does keep us humble.

It sounds like Jonathan and Drew Scott have found several of the keys to happiness when it comes to working with each other, which means that fans will likely be able to watch these two on TV for many years to come.

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