Why Apple TV+ Is Becoming A Go-To Streaming Service For Sci-Fi Fans

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Despite the relatively endless number of television shows out there right now, with tons more coming out on a yearly basis, there will arguably never be enough science fiction TV, even with all the Star Trek and Star Wars shows out there, since that genre and horror are often given the short straw in the development process. But the abundance of scripted projects means creators are branching out and telling all kinds of new tales. In particular, the still-growing streaming service Apple TV+ appears to be dedicated to bringing more sci-fi programming to fans everywhere.

Today alone, two big news stories were revealed regarding Apple TV+'s sci-fi plans on the small screen. And it's just more proof that the streaming service in on the way to becoming a major go-to streaming platform for sci-fi fans to embrace. Below, we'll go over the two most recent stories making waves, followed by a few other reasons why Apple TV+ may soon be a science fiction haven, beyond all the other reasons TV audiences have to be excited.

For All Mankind Earned Early Season 3 Renewal

To be sure, For All Mankind is set up as more of a historical drama than anything too fantastical. However, not only does it involve space exploration, but it's also an alt-history take on what would have happened if the space race never ended, and it was created by Battlestar Galactica and Outlander's Ronald D. Moore. Season 1 earned fairly high marks from most critics – though definitely not all of them – and For All Mankind has seemingly fared even better with viewers themselves. Similar to how it ordered Season 2 a month prior to the series premiere's release, Apple TV+ announced For All Mankind's official Season 3 renewal while the current season is still in the midst of filming.

Blake Crouch's Dark Matter In The Works As Apple TV+ Show

While it started off its potential live-action existence as a feature film, Blake Crouch's multi-verse novel Dark Matter is apparently now changing direction in order to become a TV show for Apple TV+, according to Collider. The novel centers on a man is abducted and wakes up in a world where his life is completely different, and that's not even the most mind-blowing thing he discovers. And it sounds like Crouch will be adapting his own novel for the TV project, with Venom producer Matt Tolmach producing along with Sony Pictures Television. The novel's concepts and events definitely deserve as much time to be explored as possible, so it's awesome that Apple TV+ is reportedly stepping in as its new home.

Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series Is Coming To Apple TV+

Of all the previously announced projects coming to Apple TV+, I can't imagine any of them being more important to sci-fi fans than the first TV adaptation of Isaac Asimov's classic Foundation series, which itself was a big inspiration for the Star Wars franchise. The epic project began with Jonathan Nolan at HBO, but is now at Apple TV+, and boasts stars such as Chernobyl's Jared Harris and Guardians of the Galaxy vet Lee Pace. Thankfully, Foundation went back into production in early October after filming was shuttered for months due to the pandemic lockdown, and hopefully fans will get their first peek at what will surely be one of 2021's marquee genre offerings.

Tons Of Other Sci-Fi Projects Are Also In Development At Apple TV+

Beyond the presumed awesomeness of the Foundations adaptation and Dark Matter, Apple TV+ is also developing quite a few other top-tier sci-fi projects that already have me excited. Arguably the biggest is the alien thriller Invasion, from Hunters creator David Weil and X-Men: Dark Phoenix writer/director Simon Kinberg, which will star Jurassic Park and Event Horizon vet Sam Neill. While not outrightly sci-fi, Adam Scott and Patricia Arquette's thriller Severance involves a company who separates its employees' work memories from their everyday memories, which no doubt leads to major drama. As well, fans can hopefully look forward to a TV reboot of Terry Gilliam's fantastical cult classic Time Bandits. (Not to mention more science-based programming such as the climate change drama Losing Earth and the unscripted series Earthsound and Prehistoric Planet, with the latter featuring Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau as director.

Apple TV+'s Current Sci-Fi Lineup Is Already Pretty Solid

As immediate proof of its dedication to science fiction, Apple TV+ itself debuted with both For All Mankind and Jason Momoa's See as day-one premieres, and it was only five months later when the Steven Spielberg-backed Amazing Stories reboot debuted. Now, I can't say that both See and Amazing Stories blew away every single person who watched them, but both shows earned their respective fandoms, and fans are waiting eagerly for follow-up seasons. But then combine that with other science-y projects such as Snoopy in Space, Tiny World and Earth at Night in Color, and Apple TV+ is already doing quite well just in terms of creating original genre content. Now bring on the future!

While there is obviously still room to grow before Apple TV+ can be considered a true boon for science fiction fanatics, the streaming service is making a lot of the right moves to turn that idea into a reality. While waiting to see what happens next, head to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule and our 2021 Winter and Spring TV guide to see what other new and returning shows are debuting soon.

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