Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown Has Thoughts For The Haters Who Constantly Give Feedback On How She Looks

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I suppose it could be said that many things which are difficult for adults would be much more so for kids. We've seen plenty of mature individuals have trouble with fame and being in the spotlight, so it would make sense that a child working in the entertainment industry would find it tough to grow up with so much public scrutiny. Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has spoken out several times about how people judge her based on what she wears, and now she's got thoughts for the haters who constantly give feedback on how she looks.

Obviously, the young stars of Stranger Things have been through a lot since the show debuted to blockbuster success in July 2016. Along with new opportunities for their burgeoning careers, they've also been faced with dealing with fame for the first time, and all the potential downfalls that come with it. For Millie Bobby Brown and some of her castmates, this has meant a lot of attention being paid to how she looks, but a recent Instagram post from the actress proves that she seems to be learning how to tune out all the noise. Take a look!

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As you can see, Millie Bobby Brown would like to make sure that everyone knows to be prepared when she's out and about, because she's offered a warning which notes "i wear short skirts and t-shirts." This means that we might see her in said outfit, and if one is offended by it, well, that person should just look away, because Brown is not going to change her style for you, OK?

If you scroll through to the second part of the post, you'll see that Brown also uploaded a short video of her modeling her outfit, an though the skirt may be short, it certainly doesn't show anything one could call inappropriate, but we all know that won't stop people from voicing their opinions on it.

Millie Bobby Brown also elected to restrict comments on the post, and this is probably to cut down on the amount of potential hate the young star might be subjected to for her outfit. She spoke to MTV News recently about coping with the downsides of fame and how she's learned to protect herself, saying:

Unfortunately, when I was younger I was much more carefree and didn't even really think about the fame side of anything. I was, very much, kind of enjoying it, and I'm just like 'Whoa, fancy dresses! That sounds fun!' Whereas now, as much as I'm very grateful for it...I've definitely struggled with the fame aspect more nowadays...You can't really put on a mask, because people do see right through it. I've done things in the past where I post videos of me upset, because it's like, this is who I am, I'm not going to hide it from you. I am a normal girl and I'm figuring everything out myself. For me, that's kind of my journey...I meditate, I journal a lot. I take a lot of time for myself.

Millie Bobby Brown has already been subjected to some harsh criticism, as well as being over sexualized at a young age, but it seems she's leaning how to take care of herself in those moments by speaking out and being honest about her feelings, while also continuing to wear what she wants and be unapologetic for her choices.

Stranger Things Season 4 is currently filming, but it may be a while before we see it hit Netflix, so check out what you can watch in the coming weeks with our 2021 summer TV schedule!

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