Millie Bobby Brown Says Shaving Her Head For Stranger Things Had Unintended Consequences

Millie Bobby Brown's shaved head on Netflix's Stranger Things

Stranger Things has been a big deal for two seasons over at Netflix and with a third season on the way, some of the cast members have shared experiences about past seasons, as well as what is coming next. One actress who has dealt with a lot of change during Stranger Things is Millie Bobby Brown, whose looks changed on the series quite a bit between Season 1 and Season 2. Ahead of Season 3, the actress who plays Eleven talks shaving her hair initially for the role and why it had unintended consequences. She said:

The shaved head was a big deal. On the one hand, it was cool. When you're bald, rain feels like a head massage. I'd walk in the rain, and people would look at me like I was crazy. I'd be smiling--so, so happy to have the water hit my naked head. But on the other hand, people stared at me, wondering whether I was sick. Some would even laugh at me, without knowing whether I was or wasn't sick. It was hurtful, but their attitude taught me something about compassion. In the end, being bald was the best thing I ever did--being different changed my life. I wanted to embrace my baldness and, hopefully, inspire people. And, now, that's become my message to the world.

Overall, Millie Bobby Brown is certainly in the #noregrets camp when it comes to shaving her head. Although people didn't treat her the same way after she took on the bold haircut for the role, she says it taught her a lot about humanity and about compassion, especially when people thought she had lost her hair due to illness. The now-teenager says it was a valuable lesson to learn at such a young age, telling W Magazine that it was the first time she was set apart from the rest of the crowd in such a simple but notable manner.

The actress hasn't by shy about shaving her head for the Netflix series, previously calling the experience "empowering" and sharing photos of her shorn head on the set of the first season of the show:

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Plenty of actresses have shaved their heads for movie or TV projects in the past, including some major names in the leading lady category, like Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne. Millie Bobby Brown may have been in good company, but she didn't keep the look forever. In fact, she had unruly curly hair by the time Season 2 rolled around, and while we haven't seen footage from Season 3 yet, the show went into production last spring, and Brown's hair has looked much longer on social media.

The show is expected to return to the Netflix schedule partway through 2019, and as that is a while away, you can take a look at what we know about the upcoming episodes so far.

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