Good News, Another Original CSI Cast Member Will Return For The New Show

CSI original cast early 200s promo photo CBS

CSI has been rounding out its cast since the announcement was first made that the original flagship franchise series would be making a comeback on CBS. We’ve heard about some heavy hitters that will be returning and now we’ve learned another is on board. But who are they? (Who, who, who, who, I really wanna know.) Paul Guilfoyle, better known as Jim Brass, is going to be back in the saddle for the new CSI: Vegas series.

So what is this new CSI exactly? CBS is billing it as a sequel rather than a direct reboot and it will feature both old and new cast members. At the time the Eye Network greenlighted the project to series we knew, for example, that William Petersen, Jorja Fox, and Wallace Langham were all coming back. Now, we can add Paul Guilfoyle to the mix.

Jim Brass one of his final CSI episodes 2014, photo courtesy of CBS

News broke this week that Paul Guilfoyle will be returning to his former role, though his trajectory will not be the same as his other former co-stars who are set to appear on the sequel series. The aforementioned actors are coming back as series regulars. Guilfoyle, on the other hand, has a planned two-episode arc for Season 1 of CSI: Vegas, according to TV Line.

Paul Guilfoyle is 72, but hardly retired. Over the past several years he’s been fond of the guest stint, appearing on a slew of well-known TV shows, including A Million Little Things, Star Trek: Discovery and The Morning Show. He had a lengthier stint in Colony in 2016 and The Good Fight in 2017 and 2018 and before that his last major role was actually CSI.

It feels like it's been eons since CSI was on the air, but actually the show ran all the way until 2015, with some cast changes over its lengthy run on network TV. (Remember Ted Danson starring in this show before shifting to Cyber and then The Good Place?) As for Paul Guilfoyle, he actually had exited the series a year before its ultimate cancellation, but it will be nice to see him back in action for at least a few episodes. Honestly, in general, CSI: Vegas seems to be adding a nice mix of old and new.

Along with all the aforementioned names, we've also heard Parenthood's Matt Lauria and Mel Rodriguez will both be joining CSI: Vegas and more recently Bloodline's Jamie McShane was added to the lineup. The new series doesn't have a date yet, but it has been greenlighted to series on a major network, so if I were you, I'd be keeping an eye out come fall. In the meantime, there are still several popular CSI cast members who could theoretically pop in or make a return at some point, and we'll be sure to keep you updated if news regarding any more major additions drops.

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