American Idol's Luke Bryan Spills The Tea On Phone Call With His Mom After Being Misidentified As Maren Morris' Baby Daddy

Luke Bryan on Ellen

American Idol judge and country singer Luke Bryan is a popular face on television and as such, is subject to the wild rumors and speculation of tabloid outlets. Bryan has had to defend himself from some truly outlandish claims as of late, including the rumor that he fathered the child of singer Maren Morris.

Luke Bryan recently appeared on Ellen to discuss the details of his upcoming documentary and, while Ellen DeGeneres noted the documentary did cover a lot about Bryan's past, she jokingly had to point out there was no mention of the rumor about Maren Morris. Bryan couldn't help but laugh at the comment and decided to share the story of the phone call he received from his mother when she discovered the rumor:

So I'm having coffee and my mother calls me. And she goes 'I'm sitting here reading some gossip thing.' Which, I don't know how she subscribes to an online gossip thing anyway. And then she goes 'It says you fathered Marren Morris' child.' And I'm like oh my gosh, I do not need this today.

It turns out Luke Bryan even had to answer to his own mother regarding the rumor, though she did help bring the story to his attention. Bryan explained to Ellen that Marren Morris' husband, Ryan Hurd, actually wrote Bryan's current single "Waves," so Bryan was actually able to pass the article along to Hurd and make a joke about it.

Overall, it seems like all parties involved had a giggle at the whole thing but, just in case anyone walked away from that story feeling like Luke Bryan dodged the question, the singer stated things rather plainly for the world:

I am not the father. We can call Maury Povich in or however ya'll wanna go about it.

As mentioned, this is not the first time in recent months that Luke Bryan has had to combat a rumor in his life. It was actually rumored by fans that he didn't actually have COVID-19 and was absent from American Idol due to a backstage altercation with ousted contestant Wyatt Pike. Bryan's wife quickly dismissed the rumor, though she stated that she wished that had been the case as she'd been sanitizing their house so much she felt as though she was peeing Lysol. What's the deal with Bryan getting caught up in all sorts of wild rumors?

Fans of Luke Bryan can catch him on American Idol Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Season 19 has been one to remember, though, perhaps due to Bryan's aura, it's also suffered from more controversy than usual in this stacked season of talent. For the latest on that, read up on how one unique twist to the season may have resulted in a fan-favorite being sent home.

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